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Nov 8, 2011 12:33 PM

FLIP-- Taxi, location?

Need some help here please.... :)

Headed to Atlanta next week, and would like to check out Flip burger. Will not have a car and will be staying at the Hilton downtown- so the questions are:

1. Should I head to Flip straight from ATL instead of going to hotel first? Which location?
2. If I go to Flip from the hotel instead- which location should I choose?
3. Any idea of time/cost for a cab from downtown Hilton?

I did mapquest- but I would just rather get feedback from the locals :)


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  1. Westside location much closer. Hotel on the way to Flip from airport.
    Time depends on traffic/time of day.
    If you go for lunch, it will about 10 minutes...not sure what Atlanta cabs cost. Sorry.

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    1. re: rcburli

      Thanks- this is helpful...I would be going to dinner there....and probably around 7 or 8 I guess. I will check into the hotel first- and then venture over.

      1. re: ladyleah

        If staying at the Hilton on a Thursday night, check out Tongo Hiti (band) inside Trader Vic's! King sized!