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Nov 8, 2011 12:00 PM

BYOB in Westchester?

Looking for a decent BYOB restaurant for a group of ten on Friday night. Any suggestions?

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  1. Juniper, Hastings.

    (Not too many BYO in NY State-- head over to NJ, if you can, 80% of the restaurants there are BYO due to licensing laws)

    1. docas in ossining has great portugese food and byob policy. search hear for reviews. many restaurants, including fine restaurants, have a corkage fee that, depending on what your drinking, can be very cost effective. For example the corkage fee at the Ocean House is $5 or so. Unfortunately, I don't think you'd have much chance of getting as they don't take reservations but you might give them a call. Julianna's in cortlandt manor is something like $10 or $15. We weren't blown away by the food but overall, a nice experience. Even a place like X20 is likely to have a corkage fee, albeit in the $25 range. Still, if you're drinking a $25+ bottle of wine, it's a great bargain as most restaurants double to triple up on cost.

      Ocean House
      49 N Riverside Ave, Croton On Hudson, NY 10520

      1. Just had dinner at Umami in Croton, and they allow BYOB. Only problem is they don't take reservations so with a group of 10 that might not work.

        1. I was thinking of Umami too. Looked at their site, they raised the corkage to $10 (I think it used to be $5).

          If you like Indian, there's Swagat in Tarrytown. And Shiraz in Elmsford (Persian). I don't think either one charges corkage.

          1. Unless they recently got their liquor license, Elias Taverna (Greek) in Chester Heights (Eastchester-Bronxville) was BYOB. It's a small place and don't know if they would have or reserve a table for 10, but you can ask. People on CH seem to love it, I've always been sort of "eh what's the big deal" about it.... but service is friendly and prices reasonable.