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Spice Dragon in Pittsfield, best bet for great Pad Thai in the Berkshires?

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Visited the old Jae's Spice and loved their pad thai. Is Spice Dragon's good also, and worth the $$? I also would love a review of their curry if anyone has tried them. thanks!

Lastly, has anyone eaten at Lucia's Latin Kitchen in Pittsfield? Looking for a review of their food also.

Thanks in advance


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  1. We like to go to Spice Dragon once in a while. I will vouch for the Clay Pot Curry, I love it. Good balance of flavor with the right amount of heat. It comes to the table at a lava like temperature so you have to be VERY careful. They run a Pad Thai special and from what I have heard they do very well, though I haven't had the Pad Thai yet.

    1. The food here is great! The pad thai is definitely worth the $$. It's a fun place too -- and the manager (owner??) is a dang cute guy with a great smile!