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Chicken Pot Pie/ Berkeley or Oakland Area

I have had a hankering for freshly made chicken pot pie to serve at home. Bakesale Betty had great pies but they are not making them these days. Can someone please recommend where I can get a good chicken pot pie close to Berkeley or North Oakland that I can cook at home?

Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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  1. BB isn't offering its chicken pot pie any more? A friend just bought two of them on October 28 or 29. The little chicken pot pies at Pasta Shop are good.

    1. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I just have to vent about BB. Ever since the popularity of their chicken sandwiches, they've just forgotten about everything else. I used to love their scones, and they seem to run out of them at their main store and they don't even bother selling them at the Broadway location. (In fact, the Broadway location has inconsistent hours because apparently they don't need to do a lot of retail business because they get so many catering jobs.) I just feel that they're not really cultivating goodwill among customers if they're just a one-note place. (Although, I am glad they still do their strawberry shortcake when in season.)

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        I don't even bother with BB any longer. The reduced selection is a big let down but the crazy lines and weird hours just make it very difficult.

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          That sandwich is almost surely the most spectacularly overhyped sandwich of all time. It is U2 between 2 pieces of bread. The chicken pie was very good if a little spendy for such homey fare.

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            I'm not sure what you mean by "U2" here.

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              probably suggesting U2 is overhyped to tie in with this first paragraph assessment of BSB.

              i agree with PA III about BSB. maybe it's been bad luck, but the sandwich has not been good for me. i've been 3 times and have never gotten a good sandwich. the chicken has always been dry and the jalepeno slaw very different each time.

              i understand that earlier this year they raised the price and went from 2 chicken breasts per sandwich to one.

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            Funny, I always thought their absolute weakest product was the scones. Undercooked and gummy. I've liked pretty much everything else a lot.

          3. Homeroom has pot pies, I think it's a Tuesday special? Just checked their site and saw nothing about it, but I know I've seen it advertised before, maybe give them a call to check.

            1. Aside from the obvious BSB, Trader Joes makes a decent frozen version. I am not a fan of TJ's and had this one in the freezer for months, but I have to admit it was pretty good with big chunks of breast meet and a flavorful sauce.

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                Though I've only seen it on sale sporadically at my local TJs, they also offer a chicken potpie that's refrigerated, not frozen, and that I thought was pretty good for the price.

              2. Have you tried the pot pies from Pot Pie Paradise? They have a stand at the Temescal Farmer's Market. I've sampled various flavors but can't remember my favorites off the top of my head. I usually make my own classic chicken :-)

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                  2nd Pot Pie Paradise. In addition to straight-ahead chicken and turkey pot pies, the offerings range from red curry duck and Balinese beef to goulash and Indian-inspired vegan in both single-serve and family sizes. Sold frozen, they reheat perfectly.

                  The storefront in Hayward is worth a stop if passing by. I'm not a regular at the Temescal market- thanks for the tip oniontears. They're very nice people running a nice, unique business.

                  Pot Pie Paradise & Deli
                  3522 Arden Rd, Hayward, CA 94545

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                    I second Pot Pie Paradise as well. The Thai Curry Vegan is a favorite (and I'm not even a Vegetarian). Prices are reasonable too for a "gourmet" pot pie. I think they're either $5 or $6 for an individual one.

                  2. Commonwealth is doing a tasty chicken pot pie these days.

                    CommonWealth Cafe & Public House
                    2882 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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                      The problem I have with some of the local "gourmet" pot pies is that they are very expensive ($8 bucks for a single serving pie!!)

                      And hardly any better than 49ยข Swanson pot pies of 25 years ago (before they ruined the crust and made them microwavable...yuck)

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                        The Marie Calendar pot pies are pretty good with a decent crush like the old Swanson pies.

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                          Each small pie, which is supposedly 2 servings, has this nutritional breakdown.

                          Calories 999.4 kcal
                          Total Fat 61.1 g 94%
                          Saturated Fat 25.2 g 126.1%
                          Sodium 2078.2 mg 86.6%

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                            I seem to recall that those MC pies have formed chicken in them. The TJ's pies have real chicken pieces and a not very saucy gravy. They are reminiscent of BSB's except not as rich. Whatever happened to Swanson's Hungry Man pot pies?

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                              Chow in Lafayette makes either fresh chicken or turkey pot pie. They're really good!.
                              I had to stop purchasing them when they added mushrooms (allergy).
                              It's been very disapppointing!

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                          made it to Commonwealth on a cool rainy afternoon, suited for a piping hot pot pie. ten bucks, with a small side of micro greens, had a competent, delicate puff pastry style top crust, full of tender, large chunks of chicken that actually tasted like fresh cooked chicken. they listed a nice range of drafts, mostly Cali microbrews including a hand pulled cask ale, and two from greater London.

                        3. Whole Foods has delicious (small) ones in the refrigerated section. Regular price is $5.50 but they did have them on special for $5. (You have a choice of chicken, turkey or beef.)

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                            Thank you all for the suggestions. Trader Joe's pot pies are in the oven now, and when I get a chance, I'm for sure checking out Pot Pie Paradise. They sound awesome. And this newest recommendation for Whole Foods is great, since I live only 4 blocks from a Whole Foods.