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Nov 8, 2011 10:11 AM

William Ashley Warehouse Sale 2011

I have read online that the family that owned William Ashley store has sold out. Anyone been to the Warehouse Sale this year? I notice the decline last year. Is it worth even going up there to the sale?
Or to the Wildly Delicios Sale across the street?

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  1. The Ashley sales slid into the ditch years ago--just a bad habit IMHO for those who can't figure out the mirage.

    1. Haven't gone in years, it seems like they sell the same stuff every year -- and just leave it in that warehouse hoping to sell it next year for the same prices. If it's truly a warehouse sale to clean out old stock, shouldn't there be DIFFERENT stuff every year? Do you see any of those cheaper things (like the spice mixes, cake mixes, that sort of thing) for sale in their china shops? Doubt it. It's as if they're running two stores, WIlliam Ashley China, and William Ashley Warehouse Sale.

      Wildly Delicious is a waste of time, but if you've already wasted time lining up at Ashley what's another 20 minutes right?

      As for them selling out, you're right:

      Ashley China
      55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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        "It's as if they're running two stores, WIlliam Ashley China, and William Ashley Warehouse Sale."

        This is exactly what they do. They buy specifically for the warehouse sale.

        Ashley China
        55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

        1. re: crawfish

          Yeah. We bought some chairs that turned out to be crap. Had to get two replacements as the wood split. Think they came from China. Later on I saw the same ones for less. Never again.

        2. re: TexSquared

          The comments to the Globe and Mail article are priceless and unfortunately very true.

          I was called to attend a job interview in the Corporate Office Administrative side and was appalled in the manner in which I was treated. Talk about a miserable bunch. Business was in decline at that time, about 4 years ago and it showed in many different ways.

          It used to be a destination but that was probably 10 years ago.

          1. re: millygirl

            I can only scratch my head and wonder how such a useless place as Williams Sonoma could ever have rivalled the old William Ashley.

        3. I went recently during the Amex preview days when it's significantly less crowded (we walked straight into the store with no line-up, although the warehouse was still very busy).
          The layout changed a little bit, I think, with the kids stuff moved to a different location, and in turn, an expanded bed and bath section since the last time I went.
          I didn't find anything to be a "deal"; a friend who is much more aware of kitchenware and cookware brands indicated that some items were nicely discounted. But I guess it's all perspective - Is a $10 cookie sheet I bought at Costco that different than a $20 cookie sheet they're selling at the WA warehouse sale? (I can't tell the difference.)
          We went with specific items in mind - cutting board, place mats, etc, and we found the items we wanted.
          I agree that a lot of stuff is the same year-after-year, thus we go only when it's amex preview days when the crowds are bearable.
          When we were leaving, we wondered to ourselves why we continue to go to this "sale" when we find ourselves making smaller and smaller purchases over the years?

          Since we were on Railside, we went to Wildly Delicious. It has moved as it's no longer "across the street" but a few buildings west. I bought 3 jars of their maple caramelized onion for $20 because I love the stuff! I noticed that they had some interesting items - like cake trays, brie-bakers, hot-dip containers, etc. I'm not sure if WD actually has a retail outlet? It's kind of like a Kitchen Connoisseur (sp?), but I don't get to go to KC often as there's not one nearby, so this impromptu visit to WD filled my needs.

          1. The last time we went to the Ashley's sale, about 6 years ago, we were a bit disappointed with the selection and prices, so after a quick lunch we headed over to HomeSense. They were selling the same brands and items at lower prices - and no long line-ups in the cold. That was the last time I wasted half a d ay at the Ashley's sale

            1. I agree it has gone downhill. I have been going to the Ashley sale for over twenty years and I found it disappointing last year and this year. I bought a blanket last year for $15. This year, same blanket $25. I found high prices on some items and in general not a lot of new and interesting stuff. Having said all that, there are still some bargains to be found. I bought a Le Creuset cast iron baking dish for $69.

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              1. re: red twizzler

                Just came back from the first day of the Summer Kitchen Sale at 1440 Dupont Avenue Unit 4 (behind Piri Piri Resturant.).
                Thier products are goo but not a fantastic sale. The jams are $4 a jar & I have bought them for the regular price of $6.00. Their other products are 3/$20.00. If you like their products you can stock up. There is free parking.
                They also have knives at very good prices and microplane graters for $10.00.