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Nov 8, 2011 09:31 AM


I am catering a wedding in June with plated dinners. there will be three choices, Including chicken.

Now, chicken can be delicious and a lot of the Asian dishes are beautiful, but I have to stick to Tried and True for a fairly, no very, conservative group.

It will have to be boneless breast so I can't do anything neat with attached wings. I would like though to have an amazing presentation. The sides will be a mix of green and yellow beans with red and yellow cherry tomatoes, rosemary and garlic, and roasted potatoes.

Any ideas?

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  1. For how many people? You'd definitely want to brine your chicken breasts so they're more forgiving, then probably you'd want something that can be baked so you can do all of them at once. Perhaps a sort of saltibocca, with a whole large sage leaf or two placed on top of the breast and then wrapped with prosciutto and baked? A little sage butter drizzled over the top at the last minute?

    1. My immediate reaction was to wrap in prosciutto too, although depending on how many it's for I would suggest a stuffing of cream cheese and a sundried tomato before the wrapping.

      Another very delicious recipe is to stuff with a slice of stilton or other blue cheese, wrap in bacon and brown, then braise in red wine.

      You can also panfry in balsamic and brown sugar which tastes really delicious -a modified version of this depending on whether you wanted to include the mozzarella and basil (

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        This sounds delicious and I love the idea of the Stilton.

      2. I don't know how much work you can do on your breasts, but you could cut pockets in them and stuff them with goat cheese--or something else if goat cheese is too out there for this group. There is a recipe for this in Joy of Cooking. Its a nice recipe.

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          Thanks -

          The Goat Cheese might be outside their comfort zone but maybe Provolone or Fontina.

        2. One of my go-to recipes for catering uses boneless chicken breasts....but with the skin still attached.

          Under the skin goes a filling of ricotta, spinach, fried onion (almost burnt, but not quite), shredded gruyere, and (sometimes) chopped cashews. Seasoned with s+p and a bit of nutmeg. I tuck everything in so each breast looks like a little tidy bundle. Bake on a sheet pan. The skin gets really crisp....can be sprinkled with a bit of paprika, too.

          These hold incredibly well, and are always well received. I have done this without the skin, by making a pocket, but it's difficult to make them pretty.

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            I love this -I would like to have something sticking up for height - what do you think of a sprig of Rosemary - I also kike the look of Lavender but think it would not compliment those fillings.

            1. re: missclawdy

              Never done any catering, but pesto-stuffed breasts are always a hit, and that hot cheesy basil goodness would pair very well with green beans and cherry tomatoes.

              Also, if you want a vertical element, something more completely edible like a fried sage leaf could work with some of other suggestions. They're pretty fragile, though, and would be a pain if things get hairy and you're trying to get 80 leaves "just so" at the last second

            2. Dare I suggest, chicken marsala. Or cordon bleu... if the crowd doesn't mind mixing ham, poultry, and dairy. I would think "Wolfgang Puck," since recipes from his time are from when the boneless, skinless chicken breast was popular.

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              1. re: jaykayen

                You certainly may - (I quite like Chicken Marsala - not so fond of Cordon Bleu - takes me back to fussier times but they might like it). I am also wanting a very attractive and unusual presentation lemon and lavender keep coming to mind but that combination may well be not of interest,


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                  I don't like the idea of lavendar... especially with the other sides. The vegetables sound lovely, and flavorful. Keep the chicken breasts simple. Be careful of cheese fillings oozing out. I like the idea of stuffing under the skin. Ricotta doesn't melt gooey like some other cheeses. It would compliment your sides.

                  1. re: wyogal

                    I know -thanks.

                    Do try the vegetables - I blanch the beans in very salted water and reheat them later. they keep their colour and look and taste beautiful.