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Nov 8, 2011 09:11 AM

Downtown dinner suggestions

My wife and I will be driving there Saturday from San Antonio to pick up a new car, spend the night at The Four Seasons and check out the King Tut exhibit.
Any suggestions near the Four Seasons? Walking distance or close cab ride ok. We are adventurous eaters, upscale is ok as long as it's not too dressy. Budget not a consideration.

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  1. There are good restaurants in the area but short drives will give you even better options IMO. The restaurant in the Four Seasons Quatrro was good when I ate there a long time ago.
    Vic and Anthony's is a big time steak house and so is strip house. Rober Del Grande has a restaurant, The Grove nearby that looks good but I have never eaten there.
    Not too far away is a little vietnamese restaurant called Cafe TH, I think he does a 3 course dinner on Sat and it is BYOB. Im sure rest of menu is available as well. Cheap good food.
    Ibiza is probably a little over a mile away and is a good choice if you like wine, very reasonable wine mark ups and usually a well selected list.

    1. I agree that many of the outstanding restaurants in Houston are not downtown. The good news is that many of them are in the Museum District/Montrose area (which is only a few minutes from downtown). Quattro at the Four Seasons is still really good. Also, the Four Seasons will have a courtesy shuttle to take you to any nearby downtown restaurant. If you can give us a little guidance on a favorite cuisine, something you'd like to explore in Houston, I'm sure the Houston folks can recommend something you'd enjoy without traveling too far.

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        We're open to any type of cuisine, except Mexican, we get plenty of that here in SA. Not a big fan of steakhouses either.
        Multicourse tasting menus with wines would be good. We do like Italian, so it may be best to just eat at Quattro, unless there's something truly outstanding.
        It may work out seeing the King Tut exhibit and trying something in that area. Is the museum district worth walking around?

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          Get a cab and go to Demarco. Its not far but it is a great restaurant.

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            Well, lots of the better places downtown involve steak. I agree with the earlier poster about Ibiza. Delicious food, and great wine selection. You could certainly devise your own tasting menu from their many small plates. The Four Seasons should be happy to shuttle you there and back. If not, it's a $6 cab ride, cash only, for anywhere downtown.

            The Houston museum district is wonderful for art lovers, but perhaps not super pedestrian friendly for just wandering around? Somebody will probably smack me down for this, but if it were me, I might skip the Tut exhibit and do other parts of the MFA instead. I just did a corporate event at the Tut exhibit, and it's not the huge, expansive, gold-laden exhibit that many people expect. About half of the exhibit is sculpture from earlier dynasties, and about half is smaller artifacts from Tut. I admit to some bias because I have seen a really spectacular Tut exhibit in the U.S., and I have been to the Egyptian Museum. If you are limited for time, and are not a huge Tut fan, or really serious about Egyptology, there are other parts of the MFA, or other museums that you might enjoy more. Just depends on your interests.

            Hope you have a great time in Houston! P.S. I went to college at Trinity, so I do love SA, too.

            1. re: arashall

              My wife's really into egyptology and anthropology in general, so I'm sure she'll like it.
              Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check into Demarco and Ibiza.

        2. Well since no one else has said it I will:


          Very short cab from the Four Seasons.

          Not too dressy but absolutely awesome. Heck, I'll meet you there. ;-)

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            Now we're talking, can't get creole food here, in for a reservation at 7:45.

            1. re: DoobieWah

              There is a jacket policy for men if you want to eat in the main dining room, but otherwise YUM!

            2. Had a good dinner at Brennan's, despite my having made reservations for the wrong night. Walked in about 7:30 Saturday, I immediately saw they were having trouble finding my name. It turns out I had made the reservation for Thursday (the day I made it online) instead of Saturday, so to make matters worse, I had no-showed on them.

              Without a blink, they told me I could get a table, but may have to wait awhile in the bar. They had a table in the bar area, so I told them we would just eat there.

              The food was good, not great, but the service was outstanding. Had a great time.

              Had lunch that day at our hotel, Quattro in the Four Seasons, breakfast Sunday there also. Not very good, the lunch was not bad, but nothing I'd go out of my way for and very expensive. Breakfast the same, nothing bad, but not worth $20 each.

              Made a detour to Lockhart on the way home to go to Black's. Best move of the weekend, great brisket and beef ribs.

              Thanks for all of your suggestions.

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                Always nice to get a report back! Glad you enjoyed Brennan's, it truly holds a special place in Houston's restaurant scene and in Houstonians' hearts, especially since the devastating fire following Ike.