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Nov 8, 2011 08:35 AM

My mistake! (apology for spoiling episode 2 of iron chef super chefs yesterday)

I apologize to all the angry posters out there, the message board did confuse me and I thought I was posting under the topic of the show. I know better now and will be a lot more careful about posting my spoilers because this kinda spoiled my own hopes for reader responses and now everyone is pissed at me lol I'm still kind of confused since when I click "reply to original post" it sends me to nowheresville.

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  1. I'm not mad at you (yet)... ;-D> If you hit "reply to original post" at the very bottom of the thread it should open up a "reply box" right under the very first post that started the whole thread. Then after you've typed your comment there and hit "post my reply" you will find your comment at the very end of the thread. The newest comments to the original post go to the back of the line so that things flow in a logical "time sequence" with the oldest posts to the newest.

    On the other hand you can hit the "reply" button to any of the comments (posts) in that thread and your reply will be directed to one of the specific comments already there. So you may actually be talking to someone other than the originating (seminal) poster. Now you may find your post closer to the top of the thread (if the poster you are replying to put up their reply/post closer to when the originating poster started the thread).

    Does any (or all) of that make sense?

    ADD: One other handy thing to know when you are navigating around a long thread like the one you are talking about. When you look at any "sub post" in that thread you will notice in the upper right hand portion of the comment box a "re: some posters screen name" and if you click on that name it will take you directly up thread to the post that was being replied to.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks! I tried hitting the reply to original post and it sent me to the top of the page instead. Maybe it's my browser. Either way i will be much more careful about my posts for all the delicate, sensitive folks out there ;D Sorry, I watch too much Ramsay. What am I saying? There's never too much Ramsay.

      1. re: aFridge2Far

        " tried hitting the reply to original post and it sent me to the top of the page instead."

        That's exactly what it's supposed to do. When you click "Reply to the original post" it will open a Reply window under the original post where you can type your reply. Once you hit the "Post my reply" button, your post will appear at the bottom of the thread.

    2. It was an honest mistake. Don't sweat it.

      There is another thread about the confusion caused by the 'add new post' button. You're far from the first person to start a new thread when you thought you were replying to an existing one.

      1. "now everyone is pissed at me "

        Who are you again?

        (as in not everyone is pissed at you)

        Like cowboyardee, don't worry about it. Don't even think about it.

        1. I didn't notice and I follow those threads so don't worry about it. If you do find that you've posted a spoiler and want it removed, just "report" your post (on the bottom right of the post) and ask for it to be removed. If it happens, I might comment on it But I'm never angry--I don't know if anyone really is.

          1. It's very gracious of you to apologize when it's the angry posters who should be apologising. You're more mellow than I, I wouldn't have returned here after being treated like that by people who think they can mod the board themselves by publicly beating up someone for an innocent mistake by a brand new poster. It would be a far nicer place if people quietly used the report button to alert the mods to a problem and/or left a helpful note.

            Glad you came back and found such warm responses here :)

            *disclaimer: I didn't care since the only Iron Chef I loved was the original with subtitles ;) Battle Frogfish!

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            1. re: mlou72

              *I try again, since my ... blunt and plainspoken... response seems have been modded.*
              Check out the original thread again. You mis-characterize the nature of the responses. People had not yet figured out that no new thread was intended when they responded initially, and no one went as over-the-top with annoyance or scorn as you've implied.

              Anyway, I'll agree that aFridge2Far is welcome here and should stick around and not let this first experience mar the site for him/her.

              1. re: cowboyardee

                Then CH didn't need to mod anything, here or there. I shall get new glasses 8-)