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Nov 8, 2011 07:43 AM

Great Polish in Norwalk

Again and again, I've found that greatness tends to cluster. Right next to the superb Paradise Biryani is a Polish Deli called Taste of Europe (239 Westport Ave; Norwalk, CT; 203-846-9668). i believe it is a major culinary point of light. Arriving too late for buffet lunch, I harpooned the remaining single tiny morsel of pork tenderloin from beneath a sea of lukewarm gravy in its steam table tray and found it supernal. There's a short menu of prepared dishes, too - goulash, potato pancakes, etc. I ache to try them. I did grab a take-out slab of Polish cheesecake, and it was as good as I've had.

Taste of Europe
239 Westport Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851

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  1. I was confused at first when you gave the address. I think that section of Rt.1 is usually called Connecticut Ave. I don't think they start calling it Westport Ave until you get a little further up.

    I used to work at 200 Connecticut Ave and I would occasionally walk to the Polish Deli and hit up their buffet for lunch, and it was awesome. Sausages, kraut, stuffed cabbage, everything was great.

    I just stuck to the buffet each time, though I believe they will prepare some dishes as you say. I was tempted but never got up the nerve to ask them to make pierogies for me; pretty much every time I've gone in there, I was the only one speaking English, and that includes the folks working there.

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      Thanks, cardiak. Yeah, it's route 1.

      My feeling is that if the buffet is great, the list of prepared-to-order dishes has to be out-of-this-world (and I'd be happy to get more ambitious than pierogis, which, after all, you can buy fresh-made in the fridge case).