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Nov 8, 2011 06:59 AM


Since I could not find a previous posting, I'm offering this question to New Jersey Chowhounders, in your opinion, who makes the best cannoli in northern New Jersey?.
Our family favor the cannolis made by "PICCOLO'S GASTRONOMIA ITALIANO" which is a small family owned and managed Italian specialty shop located in Ridgefield. Just a sidebar... Luisa and Filomena (the wife and sister of owner Franco Piccolo) also bake a very respectable and totally authentic "Riccota Cheese Pie" and Franco's daily made mozzarella is also noteworthy. Here's a link to Piccolo's website::

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  1. My vote goes to Rispoli in Ridgefield, although last week I had one from Sorrento in Lodi and it was really good. The green nuts on ther end and filled with choc chips and citrin.

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      Dear "doxdy216"....
      We normally use Rispoli's miniature cannoli's as presents when we're invited for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.
      However, since you're obviously not that far away from Piccolo's on Bergen Blvd. and Edgewater Avenue in Ridgefield, I highly recommend that you sample their full-size cannoli. Zabar

    2. Aromi di Napoli in Nutley. Top notch.

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        +1 for A di N!

        In the non-bakery category, I still think my all-time favorite cannolis are the ones they serve at Ah' Pizz in Montclair. Regardless of how much of my meal I have to take home, I always leave room for one--and I am NOT a big dessert person!

      2. Try the Mona Lisa Bakery in Little Ferry. Either the traditional shell or chocolate coated. Made to order.