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Nov 8, 2011 04:37 AM

New BBQ Place S of Justin/Lamar

This was just posted on my neighborhood listserve. Anybody know anything about it?

"The upcoming BBQ place in the Violet Crown Shopping Center already has their smoke pit installed in the back. Word from the BBQ enthusiast crowd is that when Wayne Mueller (son of Bobby Mueller) took over Louie Mueller BBQ after Bobby's death, Bobby's old right hand man, Lance Kilpatrick, left. Stiles Switch BBQ, , is Kilpatrick's new venture. Looks promising, hope it's good!"

The website just says "coming soon."

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  1. Exciting news Rudeboy . . I'm a mile and a half north and would like to check out that listserv if you don't mind sharing... thanks

    1. More on the "Pitmaster":

      So now I'm really confused as to who this guy really is.


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      1. re: sqwertz

        I notice that your link refers to another recent chowhound post. I never saw that one - did it get deleted?

        I wonder if Shoeless Joe will chime in on this?

        slowcooked: are you in Crestview? There's a yahoo listserve for my neighborhood (Brentwood), which is S of Justin. If you search for "Brentwood Neighborhood Association on yahoo it will direct you to the signup page. However, you may want to try Crestview instead....

        1. re: rudeboy

          Thanks Rudeboy, I'm just north of there in the Peyton Gin area.

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            Eh? My link referred to I'm confused again.

            And I think they shoeless on a short leash nowadays. At least as far as discussion forums go.


        2. This is the original chowhound post:

          Former chowhound ScrumptiousChef has more on his blog:

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          1. re: Carter B.

            Scrumptiouschef is fantastic and I love his blog. I am absolutely a fan.

          2. The original comment has been removed