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Nov 8, 2011 03:23 AM

late lunch on Saturday

My 88 year young foodie Mom and I are picking my daughter at the bus from NYC 2:30 on Sat. We want to dine right away. Mom's fav, Via is not open until 4. Sole is open but I find the food uneven. Any other great suggestions in Worcester, please?

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  1. ok comments please..

    Just the Bloody Mary's alone..we will head over...look for a review...

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    1. re: phelana

      The food is incredible, but it takes FOREVER (they only use ovens- no burners or fry). Also, there are no substitutions. You cannot alter any dish for any reason. They've also run out of a good portion of the menu every time I've been there.

      Not sure how your mom is with tall bar stools, but only two tables in AA have regular chairs and they're window tables, so they're always occupied.

      The drinks are definitely tasty, but they're weak and overpriced. $12 in Worcester for a drink with an ounce of booze in it doesn't sit well with me. Notice no prices on the cocktail list. ;)

      If you complain about anything, it will fall on deaf ears. They literally do not care.

      All the negatives aside, the mac and cheese is the best I've ever had. Too bad it comes with a side of douchebaggery. Oh, they also have really good coffee and the Spicy Pickle Slate is wonderful...and wonderfully expensive for what you get.

      1. re: invinotheresverde

        i literally watched money get sucked out of my wallet,it aint cheap,but awesome beer list,they dont give it away,its still a great memory time im up that way were stopping,grandma might not like it....

        1. re: im hungry

          oh boy...high tops, no altering?? I called as I don't eat meat and the hostess said they can alter/adapt/adjust...hmmm...might end up at the Sole again...sigh

          1. re: phelana

            I'm a lacto-ovo veg and they've always completely denied any and all of my requests to modify an item to make it meat-free.

            (Not a meat substitution, but) I wanted a drink made without strawberries once (I'm allergic) and they refused. The strawberries were basically a garnish, but the kicker is that they were out of them to begin with and STILL said no. They're just asinine.