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Nov 8, 2011 03:23 AM

Rome: recommended non-Italian restaurants?

I've been studying this board for an upcoming trip to Rome and have been struck by the near non-existence of recommendations for non-Italian places in Rome.

As background, a trip earlier this year to Paris yielded several non-French options and still earlier visits to London were dominated by non-English menus. ( However, I always visit one of the St John venues in London for English fare.)

Don't get me wrong. I adore Italian food and will be sampling places throughout Rome. But, are there non-Italian places (any ethnicity or price point) worth a detour?

Thanks very much.

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    1. Mesob (Ethiopian) on Via Prenestina is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. The . Rome's best sushi is at Sushi Ko an Take Sushi, Kabir Fast Food is great for cafeteria-style indian

      Via Prenestina,118, Roma, Lazio , IT

      1. Although there are a bunch of non-Italian restaurants I go to in Rome, I don't think that any of them are worth a detour for someone here visiting. Rome is a lot different from both Paris and London, and doesn't have a history of ethnic communities that have opened restaurants.
        It's different if you live here, and every so often feel like sushi, Chinese or Indian. But none of these restaurants are anywhere near the level of Paris, London or New York.

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          I completely disagree. There is a long history of Ethiopian and Eritrean immigrants and restaurants in the city and Mesob is absolutely worth a detour (though I would hardly call via Prenestina a detour; the restaurant is a 15 min tram ride from termini). Sushi Ko and Kabir you could definitely pass on unless you have a real craving for sushi or cheap indian.

          Via Prenestina,118, Roma, Lazio , IT

          1. re: katieparla

            Thanks both to Elizabeth and Katie.

            Based on those comments, I'm asking myself: if I can go to a maximum of 5-6 Roman restaurants during an upcoming visit, should I include 1-2 non-Italian options on that list? Based on a review of this board and multiple other restaurant review sites, my initial answer is "no."

            The enthusiasm for non-Italian options seems to center on the need for occasional variety and diversity of tastes rather than unbounded enthusiasm for those restaurants on their own merits. Sushi, Ethiopian, etc sound fun, but not in the top tier of Roman restaurants.

            So, I'll stick with Italian for the next visit. Do you think this is right or nuts?


            1. re: cortez

              I'd stick with Italian, but bear in mind that Italian food differs greatly from region to region. There are restaurants in Rome that specialize in the food of one region or another. Colline Emiliane is very good for traditional Bolognese; Trattoria Monti features food from Le Marche; L'Asino d'oro is a mix of Umbrian and Roman, both slightly revisited.

              Trattoria Monti
              Via di San Vito,13a, Roma , IT

              Colline Emiliane
              Via degli Avignonesi, 22, Rome, Lazio 00187, IT

              L'Asino d'Oro
              Via del Boschetto 73, Rome, Lazio 00184, IT

              1. re: zerlina

                I agree zerlina; Colline Emiliane especially.