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12 McDonald's Menu Items That Failed Spectacularly


Who knew they even had all these items? I would have liked to tried the McGratin Croquette. I've only remember these....

Arch Deluxe
McLean Deluxe

never knew about these......

Big N' Tasty
McPizza....(like Hot Pockets
)Hula Burger
McGratin Croquette

I miss the Super-Size option......

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  1. The McLobster didn't fail everywhere; it's a seasonal item I some parts of Canada, including Nova Scotia where I am, but only during the summer. If its back every year, and for a few months, I'd have disagree with the failure part. The rest of the list though...

    1. I always loved the McDLT. I liked the crispier lettuce on the "cold" side!

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          1. I have no idea what a Big and Tasty is but weren't they still advertising it like last week?

            And they still do the lobster thing here, too

            1. McAfrika, Hula Burger and McGratin Croquette sound like they are from out of the US. Who knows if they were failures.

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                The Hula burger was actually an American invention by Ray Kroc ( the guy that originally franchised McDonalds), they were trying to come up with a meatless burger for Fridays for Catholics. It lost out to the other tested product the filet o fish.

                Can you tell I was bored one day this weekend and watched the rerun of a special on McDonalds behind the scenes?

              2. I remember the big n tasty, i thought it was good.

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                    I always called it the Big Nasty, too. The font they used on the menu made it look like that at a glance.

                1. In our area of the country, McD's also had a Bratwurst on their menu. I forgot what it was called.

                  1. Someone needs to start a Burger King Yumbo thread.

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                      I remember the Yumbo, basically ham and melted Velveeta like substance on a bun, right? that was from like the early 70's for just a short while, IIRC.

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                        That was pretty much it. It was around during my HS years (mid-70's). And they just don't name 'em like that anymore.

                    2. I'll never understand why a place like this doesn't have onion rings; it's a natural. Does anyone know the reason??

                      1. The pizza in the link is different than the one available in Canada (at least Toronto) for a period of time. It looked like a traditional North American pizza, maybe six inches or so available in pepperoni and probably a veggie one too with cornmeal on the bottom. It was decent, not great. I'd order it over any of the other food when dragged to McDonald's.

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                          Nova Scotia had pizza that looked like regular pizza too. The crust was a bit thick, but bit wasn't awful stuff.

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                            This type of pizza was available in an very old coal mining town in WV for a period of time in the 1990's. Then we saw it for a few months in Winchester, VA in the 1990's. Looking back, in my remembrance, I'd choose it against Costco's pizza which I don't buy, it's too limp for me.

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                              I'm in London, ON and my mom loved the pizza. My husband reminisces about ordering a few at a time in the early 90's. He was playing a lot of hockey at the time and always hungry. Now he's just always hungry. ;)

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                                The McPizza was the brainchild of McDonald's Canada George Cohon, who was in high favour with the McD brass because he was able to score a huge PR coup by opening the first McD's in Moscow. At the time of its introduction, I remember reading what an undertaking it was, as it required all-new equipment in the kitchen, redesign of work flow, staff training, etc. Like all McD stuff, it wasn't horrible, just not great. And when the pizza wars heated up - where you could go to ZaZa and get a large pepperoni for $3.99, hardly anyone wanted to pay $1.99 for a mini from Mickey D.

                            2. I enjoyed the McDLT, it was my go-to McDonalds item while it was offered. I also liked the Arch Deluxe, but then again, put a thousand island-like sauce on any burger and I'm game.

                              I'd totally order the McLobster if they offered it in FL.

                              1. Anyone remember the orange shake?

                                1. WTF was the McAfrika?

                                  I sorta remember most of these, but that one...

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                                    Wildebeest on a bun, with a special sauce made from shallots in a South African Riesling reduction.

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                                      ahhh, I was guessing an Ethiopian/Somalian Injeera wrap or Senegalese groundnut patty

                                  2. I can't believe the Egg McBenedict breakfast didn't make the list.

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                                        zero flavor from the synthetic mchollandaise sauce and the meat.... don't even remember what they used.