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Nov 7, 2011 10:30 PM

Cheese Steak yum

Early to day I went to Vancouver chef Anthony Sedlak new Philadelpia'ish cheese steak joint downtown. I order the COWBOY which came with bacon mayo (that's what sold me), and let me tell its was one of the best sandwich I have had in a long time. Great place for lunch and one day i will go at night and have a beer with my order. If you are in the area please go.


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  1. Nice! I had no idea this place existed. I lived in Philly for 2 years so I will report back on how they stack up!
    I'm a little hesitant as the old school Philly joints would not offer bacon mayo!

    1. I went the second day it was open. The cheesesteaks we had were massive. I would go back.

      1. What do you get when you mix a semi-celebrity chef and an imported fast food concept? Overpriced attempts at fast food with a twist of pretentiousness.

        My visit started out on a bad foot with the annoying guy at the door greeting me and trying to give a lecture on what a Philly cheesesteak is. Does he think he is a maitre d'? This is a cheesesteak fast food joint - you don't need a greeter at the door!

        The next thing I noticed was that the grill guy looked slammed. He was clearly overwhelmed even though the place wasn't all that crowded. He could have used some help from others to get things moving and get out of the weeds. Perhaps annoying front door guy could help?!?!?!?! Perhaps not.

        I skipped the fancy schmancy wagyu beef option ($25 for a cheesesteak and fries served with counter service just seems wrong - but kudos for calling it wagyu instead of Kobe) and ordered a "Philly" with provolone and a side of fries (for a more "reasonable" $13). I eventually got my order (about 25 minutes after ordering).

        The roll was decent although not an Amoroso. The steak was severely overcooked and dried out. We are talking parts that were like leather. Not good. It was also a bit under-seasoned. The cheese was partially melted with the center still being hard. Perhaps they are going for a "drier" version of cheesesteak for a West Coast "healthy" palette? But dried out with partially melted cheese just doesn't appeal to me. The fries had clearly been sitting around for a while as they were lukewarm.

        $14.56 (tax included) for a mediocre cheesesteak and lukewarm fries? That just ain't right - no matter how semi-famous you are!

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        1. re: YVRChow

          Yikes, that pic does not look good.
          The cheese should be cooked right in with the meat for complete melted goodness.

          1. re: YVRChow

            Great review YVRChow. I experienced the same attitude as you but I just ignored it and chalked it up to Celebrity Chef Syndrome. I have never had the real deal, so I wouldn't know how to place the sanwiches from here in any kind of cheesesteak spectrum. I do know that the samdwiches we had here were really big and contained a lot of meat. For this area, a sandwich this size for $10 is a rarity.

            1. re: YVRChow

              I'm with you with the wagyu beef, that should not be in a sandwich to start, but the one I got was done very well. Your does look like poo. would you go again and try something else?

              I think this place will work well after a night of drinking Imo

              1. re: ukjason

                After what seemed like an eternity of waiting for this place to open, I also had high expectations. The sandwich I had (a Classic with onions, mushrooms and provolone) was pretty darn tasty though I will readily admit that it was a touch underseasoned and not the decadent grease bomb many people will expect. I think that's pretty on the money for the Vancouver market, though. We seem to like decadence to a point and no further.

                Service was good and the chocolate milkshake I had was damn good. It's open late and I would definitely rather eat there after a night of drinking than Hamburger Mary's.

                1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

                  I had a similar experience (also with the Classic): it really seemed like a toned down version of other cheesesteaks I've had. The emphasis was truly on the steak part of the equation: it could use a bit more cheese.

                  But yes: I thought the staff were eager to help but not cloyingly so. No door greeter when I went in the evening.

                  1. re: clutterer

                    I'd rather have friendly, over-eager staff greet me and give me the lowdown on what they're serving, than to encounter staff who barely acknowledge my presence, or give me indifferent or rude service, something IMHO is sadly prevalent in Metro Vancouver.

                  2. re: NoMoreSnuggles

                    Oh, but Hamburger Mary's is in a class of its own, innit ? ;-)

                    1. re: LotusRapper

                      I was only in Philadelphia on a high school trip, so I never had one at the source. I have had one in New York City at a 24 hour stand up greasy spoon deli counter. It was huge, deliciously messy. The new American Cheesesteak Co was good although much more neat in its' handling

                      1. re: YVR flyboy

                        Well, I went for a cheesesteak last weekend and it looked just like YVRCHOW's pic. The cheese was not melted nearly enough. The meat was quite good but too dry. They need to use a slightly fattier cut of meat if they want to compete with the real deal in Philly!
                        Will I return? Maybe, but it will probably have to be a drunken 2am job!

                        1. re: waylman

                          Is Sedlak always there, aa he was on BT thia mornong and man is he ever annoying..,........

                          1. re: vandan

                            When I met him there he said he works the night later shift, but i doubt it.

              2. I've been twice. First time I thought it was pretty lackluster. Meat was overcooked and bland and there was too much meat - generally not a bad thing but it threw off the balance of the sandwich. The second time it was much better. Had American cheese instead of provolone and the meat was tastier and better proportioned (and also much less of a disaster to eat)