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Nov 7, 2011 09:28 PM

Does Paula Deen know something about garlic I don't?

I was watching Paula's show today and she added fresh chopped garlic to something in the pan, and then added garlic powder--claiming it fortified or intensified the garlic flavor. It sounded ridiculous to me. Emeril didn't get famous throwing fistfulls of fresh chopped garlic around for nothing!

Fresh garlic has no substitute for me, but I do keep garlic powder on hand because it works so well in dry rubs, sauces, etc. But I've never heard of using them together. Does Paula know something I don't know, or is that just something some people do because their mother did it? Does the garlic powder dissolve into the sauce evenly, while the fresh chopped leaves you with pungent little flavor bursts? I'm still scratching my head, wondering. Maybe it's not so ridiculous?

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  1. Garlic powder does have a different flavor and I do sometimes use it together with the fresh.

    1. Garlic powder tastes differently than fresh garlic. As for, you need them together. I am not sure. I personally use one or the other, but never together for cooking.

      1. i use them both. but i don't use garlic powder, i use granulated - i like it better than garlic powder - and i do think even those two taste different.

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          I agree with mariacarmen.

          I use granulated garlic as well as fresh chopped or sliced garlic in many dishes.

          Different flavor profiles that require different cooking uses.

          I buy the big container at the local GFS supplier and it lasts me a year. Harder to find granulated garlic at the regular grocery store tho.

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            Costco has granulated garlic. Intellectually I can understand how using both powdered and fresh could be synergistic. There's more umami, to my taste buds, in powdered or granulated, and more heat in fresh.

        2. Having spent some time in the industry dehydrating both onions and garlic, I can tell you that there are three distinct "advantages" to using garlic powder. First, the dehydration of the garlic concentrates its flavor. Second, the hydration process imparts a flavor profile in garlic powder/flakes that makes it slightly different than fresh garlic. Third, because it's concentrated and granulated, it is more evenly distributed throughout the other ingredients than its fresh counterpart.

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            Going by what you and greygarious (above) say, perhaps the combination of the two creates a more dimensional garlic flavor?

            Everyone's answers are interesting, so I guess I'm going to have to try combining the two and see what happens. And now I'm wondering about using granulated garlic and pickled garlic in my devilled eggs... :D

          2. I've sauteed up onions and garlic and then gone ahead and layered more flavor in there with granulated garlic. I even think garlic salt brings a little something different to the table.
            I don' think it necessarily boosts the garlic taste to add more than one form of it, but it adds different garlic flavors.
            Plus, I hate prepping fresh garlic so I tend to go to my spice drawer too when using garlic in a recipe.