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Nov 7, 2011 09:08 PM

Best garlic wings in tampa

My favorite garlic wing in florida is from the Charlie Horse in ormand beach and my second favotie was wild wings here in tampa but sadly they closed

so does any one have any sugestions for places in tampa as it quite expensvie and time consuming to go to ormand beach for wings

Charlie Horse Restaurant
810 S Atlantic Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

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  1. You may want to read through this wing thread here:

    As a side: Does anyone remember the name of a place in Bradenton that did garlic wings (amongst other flavors)? OMG those were the best. I think it was off of cortez, near the mall... I could be wrong though, it has been AGES... I think it was a sports bar..

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      1. Also...
        Garlic Wings-by far is @ Dagwoods(Town N Country), corner of Waters Ave and Sheldon
        Its a real hole in the wall, with a water treatment plant across the street, but just deal with it! I've ate there for years, never a problem. Also great fresh cut fries and patty melt! Fries here are a MUST! Wings crackle on the outside, tender, plump and juicy on the inside!

        Tanks Tap Room is just OK for wings....BUT...
        Right across the street at Anthony's WoodFire Oven-
        Anthony's only has one flavor option(You dont need more here!) <-----Because they're PERFECT! It's Italian seasoned wings, cooked in a 900° oven! Served with carmelized onions and toasted ciabatta bread.....A-mazing!

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        1. re: Glutton4Grub

          Brother Glutton4Grub's rec for Dagwood's Garlic wings was right on!
          Got in there today and really enjoyed them... Next visit, the Patty Melt...

          1. re: Mild Bill

            Glad you enjoyed them Mild Bill, good times!

            You'll for sure like the patty melt and awesome fresh cut fries!
            The fries you might want to ask for 'em a lil extra done..mmmm...

            1. re: Glutton4Grub

              I always do------ re: the fries...


              1. re: Glutton4Grub

                Not worth starting a Patty Melt thread... LOL.. But I don't think the real cook was there when I was... About 3:30 on Sunday...

                I went in for the Patty Melt, ordered it medium rare with well-done fries, and it arrived well-done, grey & dry...

                The reason I got in the habit of ordering things rare and medium rare when I was younger was because mines was BIGGER than those 'well-done' fellas'...

                So the supposed '1/2lb 100% Angus burger' didn't quite cover the bread, with one half containing most of the meat and the other with a bite or two...After a few bites I realized, inconceivably, that they forgot to add the grilled onions 'ON A PATTY MELT!' but after I looked under the bread I saw a few diced cubes of onion... Whoa!

                Please don't 'coarsely dice' onions for a Patty Melt!
                Slice them pole to pole so they'll maintain a presence, tangle-up, and hang on!
                Or fall off, I don't care! I don't mind a messy Patty Melt!

                I waved the waitress over and in a sincerely helpful spirit that I hoped would make its' way into the kitchen assured her that I wasn't upset or making a big complaint, but explained that; "when someone orders a Patty Melt, they do it because they love sweet sauteed onions, and when someone says medium rare, they anticipate a pink-in-the-middle, drippy, juicy, burger ---- 'but look at this' ---- this has no onions I could detect with my mouth, and is an over-cooked hockey puck ---- not to mention it's very small and there are almost no fries with it... Please bring me a Cuban Sandwich, extra cheese, pressed well, because I'm gonna finish this children's platter in 5 seconds and I'll still be hungry"...

                I tried to be nice, authentically, and she SAW what I was talking about so I don't believed she thought I was a butthead...

                The Cuban was much better, and came with double the fries... A proper portion...
                A fairly heavy sandwich, warmed thru and juicy... Very good...
                Generic meats I imagine so it wouldn't compete with a Wright's Deli Cuban, but it was respectable... $8.00...
                I had two Amber Bocks as well, and at the end, it was 'all' on my bill... (She thought I was a butthead)

                Damn... $30.00 including tip...
                I should have sent back the Patty Melt...

                I should have put that thirty in my gas tank!

                1. re: Mild Bill

                  I be there glad it was not me as I would of sent it back and walked out if I got that that hockey puck

                  1. re: Mild Bill

                    Awe man!! I've NEVER experienced that in 7 yrs with them!
                    That sucks! Must have been a new guy! Damn!

                    1. re: Glutton4Grub

                      No biggee bro... I knew it wasn't what you were braggin' on...

                2. re: Mild Bill

                  Man, those look so good right now.

              2. I had some pretty darn tasty wings at Babalu in St. Pete last night - the house special which is a buffalo garlic mix. Pretty fair price for decent sized wings.


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                1. re: Little T.

                  My friend introduced me to the house special Babalu wings a couple weeks ago. They are really great. Next time I try them I'm going to ask for a bit more heat in the sauce but I definitely agree with your rec.