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Nov 7, 2011 07:07 PM

A bit late...but in honor of the 293rd Birthday of the 4th Earl of Sandwich...

...(4 days ago, 3 November)...

What sandwich would you drive across town for? Or cross the river for (if you are potamophobic)? Heck, drive clear across the state for.

This is prompted by a look at Serious Eats "31 Sandwiches We Love in America", but there was no love to be found in Minnesota. Now, I know that lists are always argued about, and are subjective, yada yada. But it strikes me that, even though great sandwiches are to be found in the country's 4 corners, and in cities big and small, a good sandwich - I mean a really good sandwich - is tough to find in the Twin Cities. Something that most folks can love. Ideas?

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  1. The Po Boy at the Triple Rock.

    Triple Rock
    629 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

    1. The meatloaf special at Clancey's Meats in Linden Hills is my current favorite.

      1. I wish there was a list of sandwiches that really stuck out for me, but I can't say that.

        The two I would recommend are the Italian Sausage Melt at Travail and the 'Just Like New York' at Cecil's. The former may no longer be on the menu (haven't been in since right after their summer break) and the latter need not lead to any "it's not real NY" replies. It tastes good to me and that's what matters.

        1. The roast pork sandwich with plantains & mojo (spicy green sauce) at Chimborazo.

          1. The meatball sandwich at Brianno's in Eagan.

            2280 Cliff Rd, Saint Paul, MN 55122