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Nov 7, 2011 06:05 PM

Thank this video

I found this video, not on Youtube but by incident, i was searching some tips to cook my turkey dish, honestly, for the first time, the most difficult thing to me is how to carve turkey and how to process it.
so, after found this, my turkey was well done and i am glad to share for those who are going to be the first time to make this turkey recipe.
by the way, is there any feature tips for baking the turkey, then?

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  1. Not sure MSmoon, but it sounds like you allready made a turkey based on this info?

    I just watched a couple of the vid's; brine a turkey, and the carving one. Not that impressed with the detail of the camera work to help a novice be completely clear on what to do, but impressive video quality and nice kitchen setting. Recipes, a bit meh for brine, and again, not sure I agree with some of the technique for how the gal, however lovely, carved her turkey.
    But still, a very helpful site as you generously shared, for those who have never made a turkey before and need to get the basics down.
    For others who may check this thread, at Mahalo's cooking channel (where the link takes you), they offer mulitple thanksgving videos, for everything fom turkey, to cranberry sauce to pie.
    For turkey, there is carving, brining, smoking, etc. videos.

    A helpful resource. Thanks for bringing it up Msmoon!

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      thank you for your share one more time! This is great time to carve a turkey and transfer it into a perfectly tasty roasted dish.

    2. That's a lovely color. Is it deep fried?