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Nov 7, 2011 04:28 PM

Freeze dried Veggies in Vancouver BC


I am having the hardest time finding freeze dried corn in Vancouver, and was wondering if anyone out there knows where i can get my hands on some that doesn't involve me paying a forturne on tax and duties from getting some shipped from the states.
I need them for baking, and hey, doesn't hurt to have some around in case of an emergency as well.
Hope someone out there can help me out!

Hopeful (AKA tiffy311)

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  1. I *think* I might've seen freeze-dried veges at Granville Island - can't remember the name of the place but it's in the Public Market and sells a lot of dried beans etc.

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    1. re: piwakawaka

      I think i know which place you are talking about! totally going to try and see if they have any. Thanks!

    2. I know that I have seen freeze dried corn at Famous Foods in the past. I'm pretty sure they are still stocking it. Have you checked with them? Here is their contact info: 1595 Kingsway (604) 872-3019. If they don't have it another place to check is Galloway's in Richmond. Here is their contact info: 7860 Alderbridge Way, (604) 270 6363.

      Good luck!

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      1. re: YVRChow

        Thanks!!! this was a great suggestion! i hit up Famous foods, and they had everything i needed..and then some! I really really liked the market. i can't believe i never knew it was here.
        thanks again!

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          Glad that worked out for you. I figured they could scratch that dehydrated itch!