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Nov 7, 2011 04:25 PM

DeLux is open (Manchester NH)

Richard's Bistro has reopened as DeLux, with Matt Provencher back at the helm in the kitchen. They've done a soft opening this week, but based on our dinner last night, they are in good shape. The room has been opened up and there's now a wrap around counter facing the kitchen. Not sure if I like the flat screen tv's over the counters, but they are going for a more casual vibe with no tablecloths, and a direct view into some kitchen pyrotechnics. Featuring artwork from NH Institute of Arts faculty and students. Some of the RB staff is back, including Marsha! Matt produced some stellar crabcakes and pretzel crusted calamari, the duck in a jar was sublime and the shortribs were eaten with a spoon. Missed the bagna cauda with the bread basket, but I don't think Matt's going for restoration, instead innovation.

Richard's Bistro
36 Lowell St Ste 1, Manchester, NH 03101

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  1. Did they still have that delicious focaccia bread?

    1. Did they still have that delicious focaccia bread?

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        Yes, included in the bread basket with some other varieties.

      2. Pork chop and deep fried pork belly from Kelly Brook farm w/parsley root and kale was excellent last week. Mushroom risotto--creamy and al dente, gigantic portion for $15. Fresh oysters and a caesar salad with polenta croutons--wow.

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            Yep, Matt and Issa parted ways. No more duck in a jar.

          2. Any recent visits? They have a groupon right now for those who are into that.

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                And now it looks like they will be reopening. Kind of a strange story...... From the NH Union Leader 9/15/2012:
                36 Delux to open under new ownership

                By DAVE SOLOMON - New Hampshire Union Leader

                MANCHESTER — A high-end restaurant that shut down suddenly and without notice earlier in the month may be back in business soon with a new name and a new owner, according to the investors behind the ill-fated 36 Delux.

                The restaurant at 36 Lowell St. was closed on Aug. 26 due to “problems with employees that were causing us to lose money,” according to Itamar Isakov, whose wife, Flavia, was on record as the restaurant owner.

                The Isakovs own Carmel Produce, a distributor with locations in Nashua and Boston.

                “The restaurant is being sold to a friend, who will continue to follow the gourmet, high-end menu,” Itamar Isakov said. “I’m obligated to the success of the restaurant, and as owner of Carmel Produce have promised to supply him with goods.”

                Isakov declined to identify the new owner, but said he intends to reopen under a new name next month.

                The 36 Delux opened in November to positive reviews in the New Hampshire Union Leader and statewide magazines for its American and French cuisine. “The food was great, but we had what I’d call cultural issues. We closed the restaurant because we couldn’t keep up with the way things were running,” Isakov said. “In this industry, I guess the owner has to be in the place to make it run.”

                He said the day after the restaurant closed, someone used the company account number to purchase $515 from a state liquor store. “On Sunday night (Aug. 26), we notified all the employees that we were closing. On Monday morning, someone who knew that we closed showed up at the Manchester liquor store with our number, faked a signature and purchased the alcohol,” he said.

                An incident report has been filed with the Manchester Police Department, and the case is being assigned to the detective unit, according to police. The investigation is likely to involve a review of the security cameras, which may have taped the suspects at the state liquor store on Bicentennial Drive, where the purchase is alleged to have occurred on Aug. 27 at 10:16 a.m.

                The Isakovs said they plan to post a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of any suspects in the case, once they can work out the necessary arrangements.

                “We’re going to work with the state on the case and review what they have on the cameras,” Isakov said.

                1. re: Dave B

                  Seriously I stopped going because they changed the bread basket, My favorite artichoke and asiago focaccia bread was gone, and so was the seasoned butter. Sorry to sound so petty but it did bring me in the door, where I often dropped a significant amount of money on dinner.

                  1. re: gryphonskeeper

                    A new owner has purchased the space and plans to open in the middle of October.
                    Joe Drift from Saffron Bistro is helping out. 11eleven is the new name. Bread basket is history.

                    1. re: granitegirl

                      I think Saffron Bistro (in Nashua) is wonderful, so hopefully their influence will help get the new restaurant 11eleven off to a positive start.

                      Sad, however, that the legacy of the Richard's Bistro location has been dismembered in this way. It is clear now that those of us who were fond of the dependable stability of Richard's won't see any familiar replacement in it's place. That part of Manchester's finer-dining history is, history. Richard did great things.