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Nov 7, 2011 04:20 PM

lake placid thanksgiving 2011

calling catnip, calling catnip....ideas? the buffet is back at the high peaks but looking for something different this year.

here's what I've found so far:
mirror lake inn - for $64 they have a nice buffet, but doesn't look as good as the early years of high peaks inn and it's more than double the price

crown plaza - $29, looks like a nice lineup, we've never eaten there, any reviews?

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  1. We're at the Crown Plaza buffet at 3pm.
    No more High Peaks since Jim Luce left and the buffet isn't as good.
    Husband(catnip)dropped Chowhounds,but I,wife,love it!
    Thought about Wilderness Inn (supposedly a good meal but not a buffet)but calls there got me no answer and nothing on their website.
    Adirondack Steak and Seafood has a turkey dinner with all the turkey you can eat but the buffet is more of what we like.
    Hope to see you at the Crown Buffet!!!!
    Friends of ours liked the Crown Buffet but thought that the Mirror Lake Buffet way too expensive for what you get to eat.
    $64 is,imo,a rip-off!!!
    I mean,how much food can you eat for $64?

    Crown Buffet
    7325 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304

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    1. re: jackiew

      I'm sorry to hear catnip dropped, please give him my regards. If you search the board for "lake placid thanksgiving" you can see our various threads going back a number of years.

      Anyhow, catnip said last year that he ran into some people that ate at the wilderness for tgiving and they said it was terrible.

      I've read some good reviews of a french bistro in saranac, hoping to give it a try this trip.

      1. re: vinouspleasure

        We've been to the Eat n' Meet restaurant in Saranac Lake.
        Small,local place with really good food and we've gone to Nona Fina Restaurant as well which is really good Italian.
        The Nona owners also own Little italy which is exceptional as well and they have really good pizza.
        I've checked out all your old "Lake Placid Thanksgivings" over the years.
        What's the name of the french bistro in Saranac Lake?
        I can't seem to find it .
        We'll also be doing the Interlaken Inn Tavern as well.
        The Interlaken redid the whole bar area and they have a bar menu which is really inexpensive and unique with Lobster mac and Cheese through burgers whith special sauces a really super fondue.
        Of course we'll be doing breakfast and mufffins at Blueberry Bakery next to the theatre.
        Reinhard is still making some of the best pastries in the area and next door is Adk. Steak and Seafood with their really outstanding beers and ales made right on their premeisis.
        Several folks we've talked to tell us that the Brown Dog Cafe on Main Steeet is really worth a visit as well but with only a few days there and so many good places to eat we haven't had the opportunity to try the place yet.
        Caribbean Cowby,now called just "Cowboy" has moved to a new location up the road from where they used to be.
        See you around town!
        Jackie(catnip's better half)

        Brown Dog Cafe
        3495 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

        1. re: jackiew


          the french bistro in saranac is called Left Bank, search here for saranac and you'll see a review or two. We loved the cowboy when it first opened but imo prices got out of hand ($22 for a quesidilla) and they didn't turn the menu over enough. My son wants to look at my wife's alma mater McGill, so we'll be up in montreal for a day, not sure we'll make it to the interlaken but have been meaning to give it a try. We ate in the main dining room years and years ago, before the kids came along.

          Left Bank
          511 Rhode Island St, Buffalo, NY 14213

          1. re: vinouspleasure

            Thanks for the name of the bistro.
            We will take a look over Thanksgiving.
            We were at the Cowboy the last time up and we just ate appetizers and had cocktails.
            The appetizers were all very good and fairly reasonable from what we saw.
            The main dining room atthe Interlaken is expensive but very good.
            We prefer the tavern menu(also very good and much less filling and less expensive)in the newly redecorated bar.
            We're there Friday 11/25 when the bar opens.
            No reservations nsecessary but you want to get there early as the place fills fast in the tavern area and being a holiday weekend I wouldguess the place would fill even faster.
            See you up there.

            1. re: jackiew

              Hi Jackie,

              what did you think of the crowne plaza buffet? Here's where we went:
              - pan dolce breakfast - quality ingredients, homemade bread, some of the combinations worked better than others. unexpectedly, the bagels were pretty good, home made bread was great, my favorite was just eggs over easy with smoked bacon

              - crowne plaza thanksgiving buffet - liked the two salads, appreciated the cheese plate with some nice imported selections and good flat bread. Didn't really care for any of the main dishes except the turkey which we thought absolutely perfect. Sides were great too, stuffing w chestnuts, cranberry chutney, string beans were all very good. Indulged in the chocolate pecan pie for dessert. Thought the room was an a-, food was a b+/a- as opposed the high peaks score of b/b. Did miss the nice shrimp...

              - liquids and solids - really interesting small plates, well priced, I had pork belly with fried sardines, kale and sweet potatoes. Awesome fries (and I rarely say that about fries). My son had spicy pulled beef with an egg on top, he loved it. Daughter had a double burger, I had a bite, it was great. The kids went back the next night and loved it.

              - cafe rustica - great italian, wife had gnocchi with seared duck breast, my pizza made in the wood fired oven should have been great but just missed the mark. We're wine drinkers and they have a thoughtful selection of wine by the glass and the pours were very generous.

              - chair 6 - very good, ginger and pumpkin pancakes seemed to be everyone's favorite.

    2. Vinouspleasure---
      Where you going to eat this year in Placid for Thanksgiving?
      We're staying home and eating at a local buffet for the first time in 8 years.
      The buffets in Placid are getting "old"for us.
      Mirror Lake is too expensive,High Peaks is too sparse,which leaves the Holiday Inn as th best choice,imo,of the three.
      We were up last month and had dinner at Veranda which was it's usual "excellent".
      Their food is outstanding and the service was impeccable as always.
      We also hit Interlaken Inn Tap room for their bar men which is really wonderful as well.
      We'll be up there over the Winter ,on and off ' and will be trying some of the new places listed in town.
      Jackie---Catnip's better-half.

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      1. re: jackiew

        Hi Jackie,

        we too have decided to head elsewhere this year, the kids voted for DC so we have reservations at and inn constructed in the 1800s. We were in lake placid over the summer, really nothing new to report. Have a great t'gving and best to catnip!