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Drive between Vegas and LA

I have a friend who is flying to LA and then driving to Vegas for part of her vacation. Any recommendations for chow-worthy restaurants on the way?


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  1. Barstow is a mirage of outlet malls and fast food.
    Ive done the drive many times and its a good mid way point to stop.
    Nothing "chow worthy" that I know of.

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      Yup - In N' Out Burger in Barstow is the traditional stop.

    2. The Mad Greek in Baker. Awesome food.

      Mad Greek Cafe
      32110 Las Vegas Blvd S, Jean, NV 89019

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        +1 for the Mad Greek in Baker, not Jean. Baker is the original, Jean is the for tourist knock-off.

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          You mean Baker, not Primm, right? IMO OK, but not great Greek food. Lousy burgers. Good pastries though.

      2. I follow the lead of Hunter S. Thompson...a picnic, with windows up.

        1. Peggy Sues 50's Diner, just past Barstow at the Ghost Town Rd. exit is pretty good for what it is. Not amazing, but compared to everything around, its your best bet. They have excellent pies. Also, the Arco station at that freeway exit has the best gas prices around.

          1. In N Out Burger is the choice.

            1. Have your friend take the 210 to the 15 and stop Donut Man in Glendora. Have a couple there, and then take them with her for the drive. Those are far better than anything she'll get in Barstow or Baker.

              You might want to ask on the Los Angeles/California board also. (The Los Angeles board has plenty of details on Donut Man.)

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                i am in lv now, i like to stop at dinapolis fire house on main. behind the jack in the box.its been there for years. good northern italian food. in barstow

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                  also a fan of DiNapolis Firehouse (good food and reasonable prices)....but was disappointed to find it closed on my last trip through town "For the Mardi Gra (sic) Parade" (per sign on the door). I felt like I had entered a different dimension....Mardi Gras? In October? Huh? And this was after we spent half an hour driving around trying to find the place because Main St. was closed off with lots of police cars everywhere....presumably due to the Mardi Gras Parade in October. Ended up eating at a forgettable Mexican place on the edge of town, where the highlight was the contact high as we walked through the parking lot....That's Barstow for you.....

                  btw, we used to stop at the Mad Greek every trip, but then DH reverted to his vegetarian roots and didn't want to be tempted by his favorite gyros. So that's when we started searching for other alternatives and discovered DiNapoli's...which has plenty of good veggie options....

              2. Depends on how far they want to drive before eating. If they are going up Highway 14 they will be passing Palmdale/Lancaster. I would recommend Pars Persian in Palmdale - great food at reasonable prices. In Lancaster there is the 30+ year Rusten House - nothing too fancy, but great Mexican food and Ed and Lori always make sure the service is top notch. We live in Las Vegas, but visit the Lancaster/Palmdale area a couple of times a year; both of these restaurants are always on our list to visit.

                1. Lolas Kitchen in Barstow

                  A hole in the wall on Main street in the Vons shopping center. They have great Green Chicken Enchiladas. Three to five mins off the 15, but It's worth the stop. Wonderful homemade style sauces and salsas.

                  1. I live 2.5 hours from Vegas off the 15 FWY. The Golden Corral in Hesperia, Ca. if you like buffet style. It was really good last weekend we went.
                    They serve Chinese, American, Soul Food, Italian, you name it. Fish, carved turkey pasta made to order, fondue bar, salds. I must say one of the best buffets I have been to. Tasty too.

                    HESPERIA, CA
                    12845 MAIN STREET
                    HESPERIA, CA 92345