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Nov 7, 2011 03:38 PM

Drive between Vegas and LA

I have a friend who is flying to LA and then driving to Vegas for part of her vacation. Any recommendations for chow-worthy restaurants on the way?


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  1. Barstow is a mirage of outlet malls and fast food.
    Ive done the drive many times and its a good mid way point to stop.
    Nothing "chow worthy" that I know of.

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    1. re: century81

      Yup - In N' Out Burger in Barstow is the traditional stop.

    2. The Mad Greek in Baker. Awesome food.

      Mad Greek Cafe
      32110 Las Vegas Blvd S, Jean, NV 89019

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      1. re: rasputina

        +1 for the Mad Greek in Baker, not Jean. Baker is the original, Jean is the for tourist knock-off.

        1. re: araknd

          You mean Baker, not Primm, right? IMO OK, but not great Greek food. Lousy burgers. Good pastries though.

      2. I follow the lead of Hunter S. Thompson...a picnic, with windows up.

        1. Peggy Sues 50's Diner, just past Barstow at the Ghost Town Rd. exit is pretty good for what it is. Not amazing, but compared to everything around, its your best bet. They have excellent pies. Also, the Arco station at that freeway exit has the best gas prices around.

          1. In N Out Burger is the choice.