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Nov 7, 2011 01:07 PM

Best birthday cake in South Bend, IN?

I know, I know. It's South Bend. But I am throwing a child's birthday party there and am wondering which bakery might be best to order from. Thoughts? Grocery store bakeries okay too.

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  1. Macri's Bakery on Niles Ave, on the East Race. I got my wedding cake there and it was fantastic! I have also had several other cakes there for birthdays and anniversaries and they do them right. Best buttercream in the world....

    You can also check into Indulgence on Edison Road, but I can't vouch for their cakes...

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      Indulgence is owned/operated by 2 pastry chefs and my friend's wife is one of their main apprentices. My friend and his wife are foodies for sure and he's constantly going on about the treats she brings home. Haven't patroned them yet but I'm sure you would't be disappointed.

    2. The only place I will go for my bakery needs anymore is West End Bakery on 7th Street in Mishawaka. Seriously, they are a little slice of heaven, an authentic family-owned and run Belgian bakery.

      I make special trips from Michigan just for their doughnuts - their crullers are not to be missed in particular, and their custard is homemade, no Jell-O pudding here. I've had a handful of cakes from West End, birthday and wedding, and they surpass anything else that you can buy in the area. Their frostings are perfect and their crumb is very good.