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Nov 7, 2011 12:56 PM

Kettle Corn/San Fernando Valley

Hey guys,

Can anyone recommend a place to buy delicious fresh kettle corn? I would prefer the San Fernando Valley because its closer to where I live.

Thanks Rose

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  1. Rose, there is usually a vendor making and selling fresh kettle corn at the Encino Farmers Market on Sunday mornings.

    Good luck!!

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    1. re: GK in SO

      The last time I was at the Northridge Farmers Market they had it. The FM is at 9301 Tampa on Wednesdays evenings from 5p-9p.

      1. re: SIMIHOUND

        I also like the Kettle corn at Northridge Farmers Market. The line can get pretty long and will take at least 20 minutes if you do not get there early enough. However, you have to wait for "spring forward" next year for their Kettle Corn since this particular FM ended with "Fall Back". If I am not mistaken, they operate out of San Bernardino and have been a regular in Northridge for many years.

        1. re: selfportrait93

          Likewise Studio City on Sundays. No wait

          1. re: selfportrait93

            As the late great Gilda Radner used to say...NEVERMIND!!! You are right. Now that I reread the listing is does say the FM ends in October.

      2. Thank you everyone. I'll have to check out the Encino Farmers market. Does anyone know the company who makes the kettle corn at the Northridge Farmers market? I have been but too bad they are closed for the rest of the year.

        1. I get kettle corn from Frontier Kettle Corn at the Santa Clarita Farmers Market on Sundays. Maybe they go to other farmers markets as well, so you could look for their banner.