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Nov 7, 2011 12:30 PM

Quick Sunday lunch in Knoxville (near I-49)?

I've got to make a brief stop seeing relatives on Sunday the 29th on our way to North Carolina, and we need a place where we can get a quick meal better than Wendy's or KFC! Any suggestions? My cousin lives on Worlds Fair Park Drive near the Museum of Art, so anywhere along the I-40 near or after Knoxville would work.

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  1. Calhoun's on the River is fun. Enjoy your trip.

    Calhoun's On The River
    400 Neyland Dr, Knoxville, Tennessee
    (865) 673-3355

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    1. re: Littleman

      Puleo's is a local chain that started in their restaurant at the Strawberry Plains exit (about five miles east of Knoxville on I-40.)
      Going west on I-40, the Puleo's at Cedar Bluff (0.1mi south of the interstate on the south east corner at the first traffic light) is also good.

      Timing of Sunday lunch in Knoxville is dependent on when churches let out. The church crowd go out to lunch every Sunday. Lunch before church lets out (before 11:45) or after 1:30 can be quick lunches.

      One place we like that seems not to be a church-ish location is Soccer Taco on Bearden Hill (between West Hills and Papermill Road exits on I-40 it's on Kingston Pike aka US 70.) Good fresh food with vegetarian options and fast service.

      1. re: Littleman

        Calhoun's is very close to where you will be so it would be a lovely place to get some lunch. The river location is my favorite.