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Nov 7, 2011 11:34 AM

Agave Naples

As LilMSFoodie mentioned on another thread, Agave recently opened in North Naples. It is the same owner as Angelina's, which I love, so I expected a first class experience-and I wasn't disappointed.

They call themselves a southwestern grill, which often means tex-mex with a few ancho or pasilla chiles thrown in. As Angelina's has more authentic Italian as opposed to New York Italian American(not that there's anything wrong with that) Agave stays true to their label. I had a good feeling as soon as I walked thru the door and there was a lady hand pressing and cooking fresh made tortillas.

While waiting for our table we ordered some very respectable margaritas made with fresh lime juice, as opposed to overly sweet bottled mixes. They were generously sized. Our 2 starters were delicious. Grouper and calamari ceviche with grilled mango-citrus salsa was delightfully refreshing without the cloying sweetness often accompanied by said mango. It was a perfect sweet-tart balance. Mussels with green mole were terrific, as they used fresh Prince Edward Island mussels as opposed to ubiquitous frozen green lipped from New Zealand. The sauce was light, but deeply flavorful and packed a light kick.

Grilled salmon a la Parilla came cooked perfectly to order medium rare with a complex ancho chile glaze, roasted chile rice, and tomato caper relish. We also had fish tacos, with moist ancho rubbed grouper, romaine, pickled vegetables, tomatoes, and queso fresco. We loved both our dishes.

We ended the evening with a typical southwestern dessert-sopaipillas, which are Arizona/New Mexican versions of donuts. They were crispy on the outside, soft and moist inside, and served with a honey like dipping sauce. A perfect ending.

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  1. i had a different experience. i was hoping for the best since i too like Angelina's but after ordering an array of selections i came away not only disappointed but pissed since i know they can do better. we had the guacamole made at the table and it was bland. the meats and chickens for their fajitas had no edge/heat/oomph to it.
    i had a margarita and realized why they put in that short, wide straw--because if you try to bring the glass directly to your mouth the drink dribbles down your chin
    and to make matters worse, i was in Boca Raton recently and went to Uncle Julios which is the same as Rio Grande that we have in Md and it was just wonderful and less expensive. i kept wondering why they can't put one here.