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Nov 7, 2011 11:20 AM

Seasonal Specials - Tuscany, ER, Piemonte, Liguria

Great topic just posted about seasonal specialties in Rome. Would people be kind enough to expand it to outside Rome for me. I know there are a lot, and many regional, but what are some highlights I should be on the search for in Tuscany, ER, Piemonte, and Liguria? I will be traveling from the 12th through the end of November

Truffles will be first on my list.

The post on Rome mentioned it has been a bad year for mushrooms, is that true further north as well?

Thanks! Nathan

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  1. There has been so much flood damage in Liguria and with the ongoing threat of yet more, it is hard to know what to say. Generally speaking, in November, chestnuts, walnuts, pumpkins, pears (abate) and artichokes are favorites.

    If you are unaware of the severe floods Liguria has suffered in various places, you should track down detailed news. Likewise for Piemonte -- all the regions you mentioned, actually, since you haven't identified specifically where you are going, and all have felt the impact of torrential rains or rising floodwaters in certain areas.

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      Thanks! Walnut gelato is a favorite, will be on the look out for that! Same for anything with pumpkin.

      Yes, I have been tracking all of the flooding and reading everything I can find. We are just remaining flexible as far as where we are going and when. We were planning to hit Cinque Terre and were prepared for rainy and grey anyway (good excuse to rest for a while and drink some wine with a view), but obviously not the horrible damage and loss of life, which is so very sad. Right now, we are thinking we are still going to visit, but will keep a close eye on the weather and news. Hopefully the forecast sunny weather will come soon.

    2. This is not really a food post, but are you planning to drive to Cinque Terre? The roads can be pretty treacherous even during good weather, and the walking trails will be inaccessible.

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        Thanks for the concern and information. No, we are planning to take the train in from La Spezia. Will probably look to stay in Riomaggiore and hopefuly at least the Via dell'Amore will be open and from there it will be easier to take a day trip if we get restless and all the trails are closed. Will probably be in Parma before and watching the weather. If it looks like more rain, we will postpone or go somewhere else. Right now, it looks like sun next week when we will be in that area. Hopefully we can make it, and enjoy some focaccia, wine, and views.