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Nov 7, 2011 10:15 AM

Has anyone tried the new Jake's in downtown Northampton?

I really love going to the Green Bean, but am sometimes in the mood for more of a "diner" breakfast....I would love to hear some feedback if anyone has been to Jake's. I heard that the menu will have a southern component. If they have cheese grits, I'm there.

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  1. Well, I went and found out for myself! I took my daughter there for lunch today around 11:00. We both ordered breakfast foods. She got the breakfast sandwich, which was a king sized english muffin with eggs, cheddar, scallions, tomato and sauteed spinach. She loved it. I had a few bites and my main complaint was that there could have been more cheese and the muffin needed to be toasted (or grilled) more. It was $5. I ordered the Hash of the day (or house hash, something like that), which was pulled pork and sweet potato, with 2 eggs, and a side of toast with homemade preserves. It was all very tasty...good wheat toast, nice preserves and nicely browned hash which was very good. It was $8.
    The menu is pretty small, only 5 or so sandwiches for lunch, omelettes, several egg dishes and pancakes are the only "sweet" breakfast item.
    Service was great, but as there were only 2 other tables occupied, it should have been!
    It's no Green Bean, but it's nice to have another good option.