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Nov 7, 2011 10:13 AM

Pumpking-shaped princess cake in Berkely Area?

Anyone seen them?

I know I can get them in Sonoma, but I'd rather not drive that far on the day before Thanksgiving. This is going to be my Thanksgiving dessert along with pumpking pie.

It is standard Princess Cake, just shaped like a pumpkin and orange-colored instead of green.

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  1. No, but we were JUST at Victoria Pastry yesterday asking if they will be doing their Xmas one (pink w a cheerful Santa head) and the guy said they do special order in different colors. It's my sister's favorite cake and we think they do the best job. Schubert's is a close second and it's possible they customize too.

    1. I saw pumpkin-shaped princess cakes at the Pasta Shop in Oakland the Friday before Halloween.

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        Thanks! I'll have to see who makes them. I think Victoria Bakery might do them as well, but I haven't had a chance to check that out. I think I've seen them occasionally at Whole Foods, but not all locations.

      2. Andronicos has multi-colored Princess cakes, and I think I recall a pumpkin themed one. I don't know if they have a store in the Berkeley area, but thought I'd mention it just in case.

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          Thanks. I didn't see them in Berkeley on Sunday, but it just might not be close enough to the holiday. Since I'm buying my turkey there, I'll ask. It would make it an easier two birds with one stone thing ... or a bird and a cake with one stop.