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Nov 7, 2011 09:56 AM

Great service Orlando restaurants

Having received some appalling poor service recently, I started thinking about the restaurants that I have frequented that i have only had very good or excellent service each and every time.

I have dined at each of these multiple times and can't recall one bad service experience. I estimate the number of times in parenthesis

The Ravenous Pig (30)
La Luce. (7)
Capital Grille (10)
Flemings. Winter park location (10)
Chathams Place. (25)
Victoria and Alberts. (7)

Kudos to the managers and employees of the above for your emphasis on the service side of the equation.

Capital Grille
9101 International Dr Ste 1000, Orlando, FL 32819

Victoria and Albert's
, Orlando, FL 32830

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  1. care to share one of the bad experiences? lol

    I'm ashamed that I'm a Florida Native/ Disney brat and have never been to Vicky and Albs.

    I got to get there.

    1. The most recent was, I went to a restaurant yesterday for Sunday brunch, downtown orlando. Walked in at 11 am and was immediately sat by host with a menu to peruse. By 11.19 nobody had come by to take my order, I walked out. the restaurant had 2 other tables that had been sat. Sent the owner (a friend) an email, got a quick response with an apology and a i'll be there in a while to investigate.

      I was in ft lauderdale/Hollywood last week and basically the same thing happened at two different restaurants, I walked into Thai spice, there was a hostess behind the podium, I was the only one at the podium the whole time, after 5+ minutes, she looks up (she had been doing something on the computer, at me and asks.... "are you getting something to go", I said no I'd like to be seated. Then the waiter assigned didn't show up for 15 minutes, again it was late 9:30 and not very busy. The food was excellent btw.

      I am often a single diner and it's not infrequent that this happens.

      At council oak, a high end steakhouse at the hardrock casino in Tampa. I think it has become a bit of a Mexican standoff. I eat at the bar, the servers know I am not gonna tip, and I know that I am gonna be basically ignored. I spoke to the manager once about having such poor service at the counter and lounge, he totally blew me off. I do get good service when I get a table in the restaurant. The food is very good.

      Venting feels good.

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      1. re: herbert1

        " the servers know I am not gonna tip"= what? never? so confused.

      2. Nice to see the Pig at the top of your list. Love that place, and I agree... service is top notch, just like everything else there.