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Nov 7, 2011 09:46 AM

Christmas Eve Hors d'oeuvre Buffet

Every year we have an hors d'oeuvre buffet with friends. I serve the colloquilal fruit, cheese and veggies with an array of of lovely hors d'oeuvres. This year family members will be joining, and they're not the kind of people that will eat my duck confit and goat cheese canapes...if you get my drift. I need to add some items they'll eat. I really don't want deviled eggs (I hate eggs) or pigs in a blanket.

I'm looking for some fun and not too "over the top" ideas that your typical meat and potoatoes crowd will enjoy.

Thanks so much for your fabulous ideas!

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  1. I get your drift and I truly think we "foodies" have to think Ockham's razor when it comes to things like finger foods and desserts for a crowd. Sometimes the more familiar things are, the more they are enjoyed. Even I want my port cheese rolled in nuts!
    This morning, I was clipping coupons from the paper and came across so many holiday recipes that of course use prepared products, but you know? They are easy and quick and many are quite tasty.
    I was particularly smitten with Pillsbury "pinwheels". You can stuff them with just about anything!
    Here's a link. I think I'm going to make a version or two for the holidays, too.

    1. Warm some mixed nuts and toss them with whatever kind of seasoning you think fits the occasion. Maybe a Southwestern spice blend for the meat and potatoes folk.

      Or these Herb Roasted Olives are good and easy:

      Dorie Greenspan's Cheez-It-Ish crackers can be done ahead and just baked off for the occasion: I'm doing them in blue cheese for Thanksgiving but if you think your group would prefer cheddar they'd also be good that way or with Greenspan's gruyere.

      Speaking of blue cheese I like a really yummy creamy one spread between 2 pecan halves like an Oreo. Simple but a flavor blast.

      1. Small meatballs done in one of many sauces--or maybe you could offer a trio: Swedish, Italian and American (currant jelly and mustard?).

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          Meatballs are always a good idea. Recently we attended a camp out with a chili cook off but a few people brought different dishes. One wife made meatballs from veal, beef and pork which were very light and delicious in a marinara type sauce. Do a good meatball not just the grocery store pre-made kind. Or a good sausage.

          My mother used to make chicken salad stuffed savory cream puffs.

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            I think the meatball idea is fabulous. I'd never do grocery store meatballs...yuck!

            Now that I think about it, I was considering buying the Meatball Shop cookbook...this gives me a good excuse for the purchase.

        2. Mushrooms stuffed w/ crab. Mmmmm. If they're small enough, you could spear them with toothpicks.

          1. rainey made a great call on the spiced/seasoned nuts. i don't know if the spices in this one will be too exotic for your crowd, but perhaps the bacon will distract them ;)

            there's also the ever-popular recipe for the bar nuts at Gramercy Tavern:

            other thoughts:
            - gougeres
            - broiled mushroom caps or cherry tomatoes stuffed with herbed ricotta
            - balsamic white bean dip with roasted garlic & sun-dried tomatoes
            - crab salad in lettuce cups
            - arancini
            - beef tenderloin crostini with horseradish cream
            - hot spinach-artichoke dip or crab dip
            - mac & cheese bites - made in mini-muffin tins
            - homemade potato chips with dip
            - baked potato puffs