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my silly question: any jarred kimchi locally without MSG?

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Hi... I am looking for store-bought kimchi that does not contain MSG. I don't know whether MSG is an essential ingredient to the pickling process of kimchi, but yesterday at the local korean market, all the jarred and/or bulk-produced kimchi sold there appeared to contain MSG. I bought some anyway, and it predictably gave me a headache and minor bloating an hour after it's delicious ingestion. Won't go down the road of MSG allergy vs. placebo effect; just looking for a reliable local source of non-MSG product. I know it's a long-shot, but figured perhaps some local korean hounds might have a lead. Thanks...

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  1. I mention one source of kimchi with no added MSG in this thread here:


    Note that even kimchi without added MSG contains some MSG as it's a byproduct of fermentation.


    Note that Kae Sung Market is now at this address:

    Kae Sung Market
    1010 S St Andrews Pl
    Los Angeles, CA 90019

    (Though their kimchi is also available at the Galleria and other Korean markets.)

    1. i don't know for sure but i would venture to guess that the Kimchee sold at various farmers markets by Dave's Korean does not have MSG.

      1. Whole foods carries Kim Chee as do Murikai & Mitsuwa Markets, check there.

        1. We have had some of Granny Choe's kimchi, (produced in the LA area), and it's pretty good. It's also vegetarian, made without anchovy or other fish ingredients. You can buy it at some Whole Foods locations (see link below) and online.


          Japanese markets are also a good place to look for MSG free kimchi.

          1. Do you get the same reaction with parmesan cheese?

            1. Wow, thanks to all, for the very useful suggestions and replies. After all these years, Chowhound still never ceases to amaze me...

              As for Ernie's question regarding parmesan cheese: well, as with kimchi and snack crackers/chips and (yes) other foodstuffs like certain processed products (crappy green-can parmesan), the issue seems to be one of quantity consumed, along a spectrum. I can get away with a few bites of these things on an otherwise full stomach. But if I eat half a small jar of kimchi or half a bag of snack chips on an empty stomach, I'm gonna pay the piper. And by piper, I mean the commode. 'Nuff said, TMI, etc....

              Thanks again, kimchi afficianados...

              1. Not a silly question at all!!
                Assi Market promotes almost all of their banchan & kimchi by containing NO MSG..
                I recently tried their radish kimchi. Very good and tasted almost homemade.
                Located on 8th & Oxford..