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Nov 7, 2011 09:36 AM

Jersey Farms Crushed Tomatoes - Source???

Does anyone know a source for Jersey Farms Crushed Tomatoes? I had been buying by the case through Primizie Fine Foods but they appear to be out of business. They are my family's favorite for sauce and there's going to be a lot of disappointment if I can't find them anymore!

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  1. Hi Acrowder - I don't know where you are located but I have bought them at both Fairway and Whole Foods in NY. And it looks like Fresh Direct carries them as well
    When I was looking for an online source for them a while back I found another brand called Jersey Fresh Chopped Tomatoes available here
    I have not tried them yet but it might be worth a shot if you can't get the Jersey Farms brand.

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      Thanks so much! I actually just moved to Rhode Island and I haven't checked for them yet at Whole Foods - that's a good idea. Maybe they'll be able to order them even if they don't carry them.

      1. re: acrowder

        You are very welcome. Good luck in finding them - they do make a nice sauce.

      2. re: EM23

        I've used the "other" brand and love them - but I've never had the Jersey farms brand

        1. re: Bigley9

          Thanks - that is good to know.

      3. Hi Acrowder - did you ever find the NJ local tomatoes? I've been searching and checking Fairway and Fresh Direct obsessively, but can't find them. Definitely my favorite, even over the best imported San Marzanos.

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          Unfortunately I have not been able to find them. They're my favorites too but I'm back to San marzanos for now.

        2. Any update on this? I've been scouring NYC for a year now looking for these and they seemed to have disappeared. I'm talking about the ones with the brown paper bag looking cans. I used to see them at whole foods occasionally, but they haven't had them for some time. No luck at fairway or the gourmet store in Chelsea market anymore either. Would love to find them if possible.

          1. Hi! We have them at our store in Greenpoint:

            Eastern District
            1053 Manhattan Ave
            Brooklyn, NY 11222

            I just happened to find this post when I was looking online to find out if they also can whole tomatoes - I can't find any evidence that they do. Anyway, the crushed tomatoes are so good!