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greasy spoons in the san fernando valley

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where do i get a good bacon cheese burger and good chili cheese fries and good greasy spoonness in the san fernando valley. anywhere inside of the 405, 101, 5, 118 area?

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  1. How 'bout The Munch Box? Not greasy spoon per se, but freestanding local favorite for the burger/fries/dogs food group. It's rather west-valley, on Devonshire, but the 118's not that far away, I do believe...

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      I think it's Devonshire, between DeSoto and Topanga Canyon Blvd., next to the Chatsworth Branch of the US post office and a train station. I've never been there, but I've driven by it many times. It's a very small yellow and red building. You could exit the 118 at Topanga Canyon Blvd, head south for about half a mile, and then make a left at Devonshire. It's only a mile or two from the above freeway exit.

      Munch Box - (818) 998-9240 - 21532 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA

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        they have great chili cheese fries!

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          This place WAS good 25 years ago, now its low quality, low quantity, greasy slop served by clueless wonders. (You wonder what the hell are you doing!!! Put down the phone and shut your mouth)

        2. Try Boulevard Burger on Ventura, just east of Topanga on the south side of the street, almost directly across from Fatburger. They'll actually cook your burger rare or medium rare, their chili's pretty good as burger stand chilis go and the bacon isn't fatty.

          1. I'll be honest and say that my favorite chili cheese fries are from the Original Tommy's restaurants! Add some of their seasoned salt and a couple peppers and I'm a happy camper!

            Link: http://www.originaltommys.com/

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              Das Ubergeek

              Hungry Fox, on Sherman and Fulton.

              1. Not too greasy, but I ike Billy's Grill on Van Nuys and Magnolia.

                Great burgers, buffalo burgers, and ostrich burgers.

                1. A great place is a little place on Resead past Norhoff near CSUN called King's. They were the inventors of the pastrami burger here! And they make a kick-ass breakfast brurrito too!

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                    I second Kings, Munch Box and Billy's Burgers. If you do Tommy's ask for extra chilli!

                  2. There is spot on San Fernando and Woodley Ave, right behind the high school, call Mighty Mouth burgers. I go there for 1/4 lb. breakfast burritos, the chorizo one is yummy. Chili cheese fries are good.

                    I haven't had a burger there, but I've had the grilled cheese with bacon and it sure was tasty.

                    1. The Weiner Factory on Ventura and Kester! Great dogs!!!

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                        QT's Chicago Dogs. Great burgers, and the only REAL Chicago hot dogs in the Valley. 4 locations, too.

                        QT Chicago Dogs
                        19417 1/2 Victory Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335

                        QT Chicago Dogs
                        4344 Woodman Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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                          Sadly, the little hot dog stand is boarded up. Forced out of business by Pinkberry or someone of that ilk.

                        2. Flooky's on Victory, just east of Variel.

                          Went there today and had Chili Cheese Fries and a Corndog.
                          They serve only Hebrew National.

                          Burgers, Sandwiches, breakfast burritos- you name it!

                          1. I need to put my two cents in. WF is no doubt fantastic but I would never put them in the same classification as a greasy spoon. Nothing is greasy over there especially the fries which are air fries, probably cooked in something like a convection oven. They don't normally do chili cheese fries. Also the regular dogs and polish dogs are top notch and not the least bit greasy.

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                              That could be my bust. I didn't think "greasy spoon" actually meant greasy food!!?? More of a funky, small hole-in-the-wall kind of thing. WF is that, but true, not "greasy." If actual grease is the litmas test, then any "Tommys" would suffice. I would note however that a WF CC&O dog must have a respectable amount of "grease" in it!

                            2. Beeps on Woodley in Van Nuys might work

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                                Yeah, they have some pretty good shakes.

                              2. Bobby's on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills is an institution. Better at breakfast than burgers, but plenty of grease and the waitresses are right out of central casting.

                                1. Second Bobby's, which is at Ventura just west of Fallbrook. I don't know about burgers, but the "ranch breakfast" (I think it's called) is just what the doctor ordered. Well, the cholesterol doctor, anyway.

                                  1. My kids and I love (I say that because my wife hates this place and makes us go without her) anyway we love Tom's Burgers on Burbank Bl at Cahuenga.

                                    The place is a clean Mexican family run version of the classic American diner.

                                    The burgers are juicy and wrapped in yellow paper, the fries thin and crisp, and perfect when covered with chili and cheese, and the chorizo eggs are the best this gringo has ever had.

                                    They even have those "Gyros" things that are sliced from a mound prepared by a shop in Chicago and served all over the country.

                                    Love Tom's which is one of a chain af around ten.

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                                      Tom's #7 (the location at Burbank and Cahuenga) also does a decent breakfast burrito, and good breakfast specials in general. It seems to be a favorite breakfast and lunch spot for both LAPD and Burbank PD officers, if that's any sort of recommendation.

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                                        We just went to Tom's #7 in Burbank after reading the recommendations above, and were incredibly disappointed -- in fact, disgusted. The cheeseburger meat was bland and overcooked and the bun was soggy with Thousand Island dressing. They do not ask if you want dressing, pickles, yucky iceberg lettuce, or a mealy tomato slice -- they just throw it on there. The chili cheese fries were nasty, made with chili that tasted like it came out of a can. The chocolate milkshake was thin and tasted nothing like real ice cream. The only edible part of the meal was the plain fries. Definitely not worth the 15-minute wait in the depressing atmosphere.

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                                          Toms' service is definitely s-l-o-w. Food is fairly forgettable, too.

                                    2. Topz, 6500 Canoga across from the Warner Center, the place is next to Pier 1 store.

                                      1. Twain's at Coldwater and Ventura is one of the greasiest spoons I know. Total comfort food...I feel like I'm 6 years old when eating a burger there. Pancakes are the best. My friend comes to visit me from CT just to have a dinner salad with blue cheese dressing at Twain's! We're pretty much addicts when she's in town. Boulevard Burger burgers are pretty freakin' good too.

                                        1. I grew up eating Carney's in Studio City. the best hot dogs (they snap when you bite them) and burgers and awesome chili.

                                          There's also Cupid's. one location on ventura and another on lindley and nordhoff across from CSUN.

                                          another greasy spoon in the valley thats awesome is the Stand on ventura near balboa.. A more "upscale" greasy spoon. more sit-down atmosphere, lots of choices, even salads and soups.

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                                            Second Carney's and Cupid's. The Cupid's on Lindley and Nordhoff is the original and best, but they ONLY serve hot dogs and chips (the kind in a bag), period.

                                          2. Last night was my birthday & I wanted a GOOD burger. I discovered "Jacks Classic Burgers" and I was very impressed. It was DELICIOUS!! I finally found someplace out of the "same old" mainstream burgers! And it's just a little stand in a 7-11 parking lot! DEFINITELY worth a try!! (I got a double bacon cheeseburger)....YUM!! :)
                                            11375 Riverside Dr
                                            North Hollywood, CA 91602
                                            (818) 761-4599
                                            *Check out these reviews!

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                                              that's awesome to hear! I've been wanting to try this place for years. I'm walking myself over this saturday.

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                                                Just yesterday I drove by the place and was gonna post to see if it is good there. Ima gonna go fer a bite!