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May 5, 2006 04:13 AM

greasy spoons in the san fernando valley

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where do i get a good bacon cheese burger and good chili cheese fries and good greasy spoonness in the san fernando valley. anywhere inside of the 405, 101, 5, 118 area?

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  1. How 'bout The Munch Box? Not greasy spoon per se, but freestanding local favorite for the burger/fries/dogs food group. It's rather west-valley, on Devonshire, but the 118's not that far away, I do believe...

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      I think it's Devonshire, between DeSoto and Topanga Canyon Blvd., next to the Chatsworth Branch of the US post office and a train station. I've never been there, but I've driven by it many times. It's a very small yellow and red building. You could exit the 118 at Topanga Canyon Blvd, head south for about half a mile, and then make a left at Devonshire. It's only a mile or two from the above freeway exit.

      Munch Box - (818) 998-9240 - 21532 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA

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        they have great chili cheese fries!

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          This place WAS good 25 years ago, now its low quality, low quantity, greasy slop served by clueless wonders. (You wonder what the hell are you doing!!! Put down the phone and shut your mouth)

        2. Try Boulevard Burger on Ventura, just east of Topanga on the south side of the street, almost directly across from Fatburger. They'll actually cook your burger rare or medium rare, their chili's pretty good as burger stand chilis go and the bacon isn't fatty.

          1. I'll be honest and say that my favorite chili cheese fries are from the Original Tommy's restaurants! Add some of their seasoned salt and a couple peppers and I'm a happy camper!


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              Das Ubergeek

              Hungry Fox, on Sherman and Fulton.

              1. Not too greasy, but I ike Billy's Grill on Van Nuys and Magnolia.

                Great burgers, buffalo burgers, and ostrich burgers.