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Bridal shower dish involving goat cheese

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I'm going to a bridal shower this weekend themed around the bride's favorite foods. When I volunteered to help out with the cooking, I was asked to bring a dish based on goat cheese, which isn't something I tend to cook with. (I've used it in frittatas, in salad with beets, and once or twice on pizza or in a bread pudding.) Any idea of what to make? This is for a kosher-keeping crowd, so it can't involve meat/chicken. There will be about 25 women at the shower, but presumably not all of them will love goat cheese, so I need enough to make small servings for about 15-20 people. I'll need to cook the dish the day before, as I won't have any time that evening, so fried rounds of goat cheese on salad won't work. Any ideas beyond a goat-cheese-containing frittata?

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  1. Pissaladiere with Boucheron, tomato and onion confit, olives and herbs of your choice.
    Rosemary and thyme come to mind. Oregano too.
    Sounds fancy, but it's easy and can be made the day before. You can serve room temp or reheat in the oven for a few minutes and serve warm.
    This is just a template, you can riff and let your imagination go wild! Like, add anchovies, for instance.

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      That's good or use focaccia as a base.
      Also there is a wonderful Leek and Goat Cheese Galette from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (D. Madison) that i make and even freeze and bake to defrost or reheat. I also prepare everything ahead(even roll out dough) and then assemble and bake in the morning for brunch. It is wonderful at room temperature as long as it is baked or reheated it that day. (I cook leeks over 20 min very slowly until sweet and just wonderful).

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        Many recipes call for puff pastry. As Ina would say, "how easy is that?".

    2. I make a bruschetta that has toast with goat cheese as the base. The topping is a saute of browned zucchini cubes, garlic, oil cured black olives, sun dried tomatoes, fresh parsley, pine nuts or pistachios and raisins.

      1. This is a really simply recipe but looks divine. You can get reallly pretty glass containers at Pier One or Target for reasonable prices.


        1. I think the goat cheese and beet salad idea makes the most sense given your constraints. I make one with arugula, candied pecans, and the beets marinated in wine vinegar, olive oil, honey, and salt. You can also used fresh-squeezed orange juice in the marinade--it goes wonderfully with the goat cheese. You can cook the beets the night before and let them marinate overnight (better that way anyway) and then it's just a matter of throwing it all together the next day.

          1. I love this. I usually make a couple of hours ahead and serve room temp-but you could do it the day before and warm slightly.

            Get 2 large containers of grape tomatoes and one good sized sweet onion (optional). toss with olive oli and Salt and pepper. Roast at 400 for 40 minutesor so (in a baiking dish that keeps them about 2 layers high)--stirriing occasionally. You want the tomatoes to break down and get a bit of char--but still be juicy.

            When done,let cool a bit and stir in pesto to taste. Then top with lots of crumbled goat cheese and toasted pine nuts.

            Serve over crostini.

            It's good.

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              I do something similar and agree, its lovely. It's also a good use of non-summer tomatoes, since they get cooked. Alternately, you can make a tomato sauce similar to SeaSide's above, perhaps with some roasted red peppers, and spread it in a pie plate. Top with thick rounds of goat cheese and bake. You can do all that ahead of time, then just reheat and serve with crostini on the side. That way you don't spend all day spreading crostini, and you also don't have mushy toasts to contend with,

              Or goat cheese stuffed mushrooms!

            2. Will you have access to an oven at the shower? Otherwise I'm inclined to agree with suggestions that have a bread base and can be served at room temperature. However - if you have an oven (or some other mechanism for reheating that isn't a microwave) queso rebozado con miel - or lightly fried goat cheese balls with caramelized honey onions - is amazing. You could fry at home, and at the shower throw them in an oven or toaster oven to re-crisp and heat up the honeyed onions.

              1. Last year for Thanksgiving I made a crostini with dried cranberries mixed into goat cheese. It was super easy and a big hit. Its a little sweeter than some of the other bruschettas suggested.

                1. A huge hit at my daughters christening was choux pastry balls split and filled with goatcheese and MARINATED red peppers (from a jar) blended together. The marinated is important; they really add a zing! A jar of raosted red peppers is ok, but really try to get marinated. Otherwise, you could try a recipe I'm going to make next week for a party of crostini with fig paste and goatcheese that I got from an internet fig growers site. If you can reheat though, My favourite goat cheese recipe ever is an appetizer they used to serve at the Windsor Arms in Toronto in the 80's - baked goat cheese rounds on a bed of thin sauteed zucchini strips with a roasted red pepper coulis. Fabulous! I ate 12 the first time I had them and skipped the entree!

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                    I've made cheesecake with a mixture of cream cheese/goat cheese that was wonderful..you can do either savory or sweet. The sweet versions are made just like a traditional cream cheese-cheesecake, the goat cheese just gives them a little tang, a bit more depth to the flavor...if you decide to do a savory cheesecake just be sure to plate it with the crackers, maybe some olives or grape tomatoes...people tend to expect cheesecake to be sweet, it helps avoid confusion. Google 'goat cheese cheesecake' and you'll get lots of hits. Cheesecakes always make such a nice presentation, and they transport well. (You'll need a springform pan, though).

                  2. I like the make ahead goat cheese souffles in the Joy of Cooking. Has a walnut-cornmeal crust and reheats nicely.

                    1. Thank you all for the suggestions! After reading them, I offered the hostess a selection of those I thought practical for me, plus my usual frittata.... and she opted for the frittata. So I'm running with that, but I'm looking forward to trying out a few just for me! I've never tried a pissaladiere, so thanks for the inspiration, and I even have Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, but had never tried the leek-goat cheese galette, which sounds wonderful.

                      1. Cold poached salmon topped with corn relish and crumbled goat cheese. Very beautiful and easy to make in advance.