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Nov 7, 2011 08:13 AM

it's my Birthday! Kosher restaurant for dinner

it's my birthday today and a girlfriend who keeps strictly kosher is taking me out. Where shall we go? Anywhere in Manhattan would be good, but reasonable in price...she's basically vegetarian and i eat everything. Not Noi Due as last time we went we felt terribly rushed.

would love some suggestions, thank you!

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  1. How about one of the Indian restaurants? Either the vegetarian ones if she'll eat there(the certifications are not universally accepted), or the meat ones where she can still order vegetarian.

    If she eats fish, maybe Sushein all the way downtown for conveyor belt sushi?

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    1. re: avitrek

      Fish isn't vegetarian, although kosher-keeping folk tend to assume it is because it isn't fleishig.

      1. re: GilaB

        Yes, but the friend is "basically vegetarian", not vegetarian. Plus since the friend is the kosher one, she could be the classic kosher vegetarian who eats fish. It all depends on the friend. If she eats fish then Sushein could work, if not then it's probably worse than Le Marais.

        1. re: avitrek

          'classic kosher vegetarian'--- my family and i have been vegetarian all our lives. never ever touched fish, nor have any veggies i know ;)

          1. re: marissaj

            Marissaj - i can attest to that..having eaten at your home in N. London. This is Sharon...

            1. re: RosaSharon

              sorry- not 100% sure who u r???!?!

    2. Le Marais in midtown is wonderful for steak

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      1. re: tantesheri

        And not at all wonderful for vegetarians.

      2. There's a sad shortage of decent dairy restaurants in Manhattan. There's pizza, bagels, Noi Due, U Cafe, V Sandwich Bar, Va Bene, and some vegetarian, Indian, and hummus places without universally accepted supervision. I'd look at U, V, or Va Bene were I in your position; they're all on the UES. Va Bene is both nicer and more expensive than the other two.

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        1. re: GilaB

          great suggestions. yes, she does eat meat on occaision but prefers veg/daiy cuisine. i'm not a fan of U - seems terribly overpriced and when i have eaten there it tasted like everything was from a can...i will suggest va bene to her :)

          1. re: pitagirl

            we've decided on Ozu. Thank you for all your suggestions - this board is really a wealth of knowledge.