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Nov 7, 2011 08:03 AM

Immersion blenders and herbs

Based on some bad reviews for various problems with the otherwise popular KitchenAid and Cuisinart immersion blenders, I went out on a limb and bought the Juiceman version. (It turns out it also has plastic gears in the connection, although I thought it didn't.)

Last night we tried it on some pea soup with mint leaves in it and the blender had real trouble with the mint. It couldn't cut/blend it at all and all of the mint ended up getting stuck in the holes on the sides where the blended food exits the little blade housing. The leaves were small, thin, and very tender, but I guess I expected them to puree with everything else.

So I'm wondering: Is this just a problem with immersion blenders in general? Can they not really chop up very thin, tender herbs like mint, cilantro, and parsley? I'm worried about spinach as well. Or do some of you have immersion blenders that do well with these and this is just something faulty with my model's blades? It has multiple speeds and a power boost and none handled it any differently.

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  1. Were you blending the mint by itself, or in the soup?

    In my experience, when blending a soup or sauce, fibrous items like herbs and leaves can get caught on the edges of the housing openings. It's not a bad problem. Sometimes I'll scrape them back into the soup and blend some more. Or I just ignore those bits, and wash them off after use.

    1. I've had that same issue trying to make pesto type pastes. As to spinach, such as in a soup, that hasn't been a real problem for me.

      1. Simply not the tool for the job. They're built to puree cooked solids, not chop fresh leafy stuff. Chop it finely by hand and add it to whatever you're attacking with the immersion blender.

        1. Yes, they were in the soup itself, so they were wet by that point. I tried a lot of scraping off and re-blending, but they simply would not chop. Sounds like it might not be a problem with the hand blender itself. Good idea to chop beforehand.
          Thanks, all!