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Nov 7, 2011 07:56 AM

Place for Breakfast meeting, Sundays near RTP.

I am part of a group that meets one Sunday a month near RTP for breakfast. We are looking for a new place, someplace not too crowded where they would let us sit for up to 2 hours. We have been going to the Sheraton RTP, but it is expensive and not all that great. One member of the group recommended Elmos, I never got why people like that place, and Cracker Barrel, but both are crowded with waits and I don't see them letting us sit for 2 hours. Any recommendations?

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    1. Two hours? Perhaps someone will have a better suggestion than Bojangle's on Miami just south of I-40. That's not a residential area and there's much less work traffic on Sunday. Maybe one of the "free breakfast" hotels would let you have a small conference room and breakfast for a reasonable price per person. Yeah, neither option here is chowish, but yours is a tough request.