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best recipes that include raw eggs

Now that I have my own backyard flock of chickens, I feel pretty darn good about eating their raw or lightly cooked eggs. I am already indulging in plenty of poached and sunny-side up, but what about all those other recipes that use a raw egg that I have tended to avoid? Now I can't think of what they were! Homemade mayo--there's one.

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  1. Cookie dough straight from the mixing bowl.

    Steak tartare.

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      Mmm, steak tartare. I love Anthony Bourdain's recipe and a couple yrs ago I started a thread about it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/717926. Some folks posted other raw steak and egg salads that look pretty damned tasty.

      Also, not really raw, but you could make hollandaise sauce in a blender. To pour over all those delicious eggs your making. Yummm!

    2. Caesar salad with coddled eggs (okay, they're sort of cooked, but not by much)
      Key lime pie
      REAL eggnog

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        +1 for REAL eggnog, with rum and cinnamon. I bought a "carton" of eggnog 2 years ago, and not a single ingredient had ever been inside a chicken or a cow. It was from a factory in Bayonne, and it was nasty.

      2. Aioli ... mmm egg yolk, garlic, salt, olive oil.

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          Oops. Missed this and posted below. But you win!

            1. Ramos gin fizz. OK, just the white, but delicious.
              Howsabout in a glass of beer a la Cocktail?

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                  Whiskey Sour
                  1.5 oz. bourbon
                  0.75 oz. simple syrup
                  1 oz. fresh lemon juice
                  1 egg white
                  shake shake shake in a mason jar with ice

                1. egg nog
                  Caesar salad my hubby makes with raw egg yolk

                  1. Here are two that bring back childhood memories, but are still delicious to me as an adult. Tamago gohan (raw egg mixed with soy and then mixed with hot white rice) and natto gohan (fermented soybeans mixed with raw egg, karashi, a touch of soy and chopped scallions- mix this up to get it even stickier (neba neba) and serve over hot white rice). Japanese comfort food.

                    A raw egg is also a welcome addition to the Korean mixed rice dish- dolsot bibimbap.

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                      I second this. The best raw egg rice I've had was in Kyoto. They beat the white fluffly first, poured that on the rice, and added the soy and yolk in the middle.

                    2. I know not raw but lightly cooked again

                      pasta carbonara -- yummy and the runnier the better

                      1. Crack an egg over a big bowl of fried rice straight from the wok (or pan). Mix thoroughly and eat quickly.

                        1. lor, you probly already know this, but eggs freeze very well, broken and separated or broken and whole. used to do that - for making big batches of buttercreams(another use, btw, for raw eggs).
                          For freezing whole, i bet you could beat them up and freeze them and then cut off the needed amount by weight w/o having to defrost the whole amount; or portion-freeze them in 2 or 4 egg tubs.

                            1. Thanks, everyone! Confession: I have totally been mixing beaten egg into my hot rice for years--I figured the rice cooked it!

                              Choc mousse is a great one, and Caesar salad--I have never made the "real" dressing. As to freezing, I wish I had an excess of eggs, but I don't--we eat 'em all up (about 14-18/week). They're GOOD.

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                                JEALOUS!!! Fresh eggs daily is a luxury. I'd totally try the urban chicken thing but our house backs onto Conservation land, meaning we have coyotes everywheres (one of them snagged my beautiful little kittie a month ago, still terribly sad). Building a coyote and hawkproof pen for chickens isn't in our budget. I'll just have to cheer you on...

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                                  The real dressing for Caesar Salad is raw eggs, not coddled. At least, that's the way my husband does it, and it is so good.

                                2. Gotta agree, Ceasar salad and pasta carbonara. Just so creamy and wonderful- get farm fresh eggs if you can.

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                                    Lucky Loraxc has backyard chickens! Can't get much fresher than that! :)

                                  2. Uncle Bob's Rich Mashed Potatoes (with SECRET ingredient).

                                    I love mashed potatoes using a food processor. Uncle Bob likes to add 1-2 eggs right after he has added butter. Usually, the heat from the mashed potatoes will cook the eggs, but not always. People will RAVE about these potatoes.

                                    Personally, I have been eating/drinking raw eggs ever since I was three. And during these forty-six years, I have yet to come down with salmonella or shigella infections.

                                    1. egg liqueur, similar to Bols Advokaat. Make now for winter ;)

                                        1. Rocky's favorite breakfast.

                                          1. Not sure of the spelling, but a spoonable boozy dessert -- Za...bagli...oni -- ?

                                            Here's a link:

                                            1. Mayonnaise. Mmmmmmayonnaise.