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New on the Mid-Cape this Fall

"New" is not usually a word associated with the foodie scene on Cape Cod in the off-season, but there have been a few developments of note. (A few of these may be late summer doings as I've been out of commission for a few months)

Brazilian Butchery: The Brazilian Grille next door has opened a small specialy market on West Main St featuring some very fairly priced meats. Just had a yummy NY Strip steak, cut to order for only $8.99 per pound.

Misaki: The Bento is back! (albeit Tues.-Fri. nights only from 4:30 - 6:00). This fabulous special features a chef's whim of terrific quality, copious quantity, and superb value. A must try.

Amari's: Under new ownership! Haven't had a chance to try it myself so I can't say if the food has improved any (and there was LOTS of room for improvement). I'm hoping a chef change coincided with the new ownership. Anyone have a report?

Starvin' Marlin in Brewster on 6A. This has ben a tough location in the past with many failures but the word so far is this is a worthy Chow spot. Would love to see a recent report.

Mooncussers Tavern- Harwhichport at the former site of the Circadia Bistro. This is one I'm very excited to try. The tapas and regular menu lookss very enticing, and the head chef was formally from 28 Atlatntic. We need some reports!

Also of Note:

The Asa Bearse House is undergoing the most extensive renovations in 40 years. I was surprised to see, however, the sign out front proclaiming, "Coming in Spring 2012....A Brazilian Steakhouse. Hard to believe Main Street really needs another.

Barnstable General Store: After a few years of total neglect and decline, new owners purchased the entire property in the heart of the village for $1.5 million. Presently they are doing a total rehab and have gut the interior. I'm excited to see what planbs they have to renew this place whose previous owners let run down to such a degree.

As usual, my posts are Mid-Cape -centric. Anyone have something "newish" to report feel free to add it here

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  1. very curious about the Barnstable News store. but that's a lot of money to buy the place. barnstable sure needs something. hard to believe that the news store failed given its monopoly status in the village. agree though looking forward to what they do. Also happy to hear about Amari's, hope its better run in future. thanks for the update.

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      Actually, the property includes several rental units in addition to the store. I think the numbers work. I was actively considering it until a health issue creeped up. The rehab was admittedly daunting and the new owners must be spending several hundred thousand on that aspect. Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Petersen's type experience when they reopen.

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        I reviewed Starvin and Mooncusser recently..I work near Amari and never went...when did the ownership change..mixed reviews with my colleagues..Had a bento dinner with my kiddo in Oct. FABULOUS Misaki...

    2. I've always been underwhelmed with Amari--overpriced for what it offered. It's just down the street from my house, so we'll check it out and report back. I'll also keep an eye out for the developments at the former Barnstable Grocery (I'm an attorney and practice regularly at the probate court). BGS, I think, blamed the opening of Nirvana for their decline, but the truth is that Nirvana had better coffee and better food--plus it's cleaner.

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        Other review sites reveal, that Amari is actually worse than it was under previous ownership (if that's even possible!) So it must be really bad now. Agree that the value there has always been quite poor given the lack of quality of the preperation and ingredients.

        Funny that BGS blamed Nirvana. Apples and oranges. They should have been able to succeed on just the deli and liquor alone. Disinterest, laziness and offspring entitlement is what did them in.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          agree the place reeked of entitlement. blaming nirvana is why they went down--blaming!
          i live close to the village and want to see business succeed not fail due to petty in fighting.
          sorry to hear about amari, will have to keep it on my do not go list.
          sorry you didn't buy it capecod guy, would of been great to see a Peterson's type of store there.
          still seems amazing that they could screw up given the location.

      2. Hey Cape Cod Guy! Had great hopes for Mooncusser's. Always liked the space but after the review in the CC Times today don't think I'll be going any time soon! Hope you've been to Fin though.

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        1. re: bustopher

          Hey to You! If I were you I wouldn't put tooo much stock in CC Times reviews. Remember, this is the same people that put Toley's Pizza as one of te best on Cape Cod. (blechhh)

          Judge for Yourself. There have been decent reviews on other boards.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            I read the review today...compare it to mine..same comments..small portions...really, half a small artichoke for 7.00. To me, the review was honestly spot on...I had the same sentiment..won't likely go back...

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              Any tapas restaurant I've been to has a few items which are only a few bites at most on the plate. For instance, Embargo's seared scallops is but two sea scallops with garnish for $9. Or they have a small bowl of olives for $5. Compare that to the fish tostadas which is practically a meal with two large loaded tortillas for $9. If the entire menu is stingy then I think the criticism is warranted, but there are other reviews out there that laud the food so perhaps is was just luck of the draw as to what you ordered.

              I plan on giving it a try, but I'll be sure to skip the artichoke!

        2. i am hearing that the barnstable news store is going to be run by fancy's market, the folks in o'ville. that would make capecodguy's prediction of a petterson market type of operation right on.
          here's hoping

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          1. re: chauncy19

            Doesn't Fancy's also own Peterson's? I'm pretty sure they purchased it from DPM a few years back.

            That IS good news.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Yes and Yes
              just hope what i am hearing is true!
              i am hoping they have a meat or butcher component--no need then to go to Peterson's
              also a fish market would be great too.
              ah dreaming....

          2. I noticed a sign near the Roche Bros that Bistro 36 is open. Does anyone know anything about this place which I assume is in the old Heather location?

            1. Molly's in West Yarmouth is now "Red Faced Jack's Sports Pub. This is brought to you by the same folks who own the supremely deplorable Di Parma and Yarmouth House, also on 28 in W. Yarmouth. For my sports bar fix I go to the new McGraths Saloon at the old Windjammer. Food is actually quite good and extremely reasonably priced.

              1. "new" breakfast and lunch spot in Barnstable village "the blue plate" has taken over the former 'village landing' location. went the other day and its pass for me. mediocre food and high prices a losing combo imho. poor village needs the village store to re-open soon. if it wasn't for Nirvana coffee house it would be a total waste land for me.

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                1. re: chauncy19

                  Too bad on the Blue Plate. The last owner of the Village Landing also did a terrible job whereas the original owner was average to decent. I agree on the paucity of choice in the village. I miss Chef Ralph at the Millway Marina. The Dolphin's okay, but not spectacular and can be expensive. The Barnstable tavern is horrible.

                  Good news on the store is it will be run by the owners of Fancy's and Petersons. They are expecting to open in 2-3 weeks. I expect to find fresh veggies, great meats, a nice deli and I know for a fact they will have a pizza oven. So, there is hope!

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    Are you referring to when it was the Piccadilly deli?
                    Yes can't wait as I am "big" customer of Peterson's and this will be a lot closer. I never tried their coffee or pastries however. Maybe that's more of a Fancy's thing.

                    Agree about Ralph,great cook and person too. village i am sure misses him! Not sure why but it a real sad place except for Nirvana's but that's just coffee.
                    As usual you are right on in your assessments!

                    1. re: chauncy19

                      Wow, Piccadilly Deli.....that sure takes me back. Actually, the Village landing had two owners. One had it for years and did a good, yet unremarkable job with the basic menu. A new owner came in about 3-4 years ago. He tried to do pizza and failed. I once ordered some veggie soup to go for my wife who was sick, upon the recommendation of the owner who said it was fresh and homemade. Took it home and it was inedible mush. Never went back.

                      Perteson's baked goods, sadly, is not their strong point. Their bread is fresh daily and cheap enough though. The pizza is pretty good, not great, but something sorely lacking in the village. Their deli, as you must know, is excellent. I'm excited about the change. They should be very successful.

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        Well the decor of Village landing was from Piccadilly Deli era until this latest change of ownership--strange.
                        doesn't change the place however as I will not be back. Waiting anxiously for new village store to open.

                    2. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Barnstable General Store is set to open under new ownership this coming Friday!

                      Great news for the village!

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        Thanks! Will be there then this weekend!

                        1. re: chauncy19

                          Wife reports that she drove by the store today and they appeared open.

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            I was at Probate Court today and saw lots of delivery trucks pulling in and out, but the doors didn't seem to be open quite yet.

                            1. re: lisaonthecape

                              She said the parking lot was full at 4 Pm and there were many people inside pushing grocery carts around. Perhaps they were just stocking shelves instead of what she assumed were customers.

                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                She might be right. I was there at 1:30 when I dashed over to Nirvana for a sandwich. I'll check tomorrow morning when I'm back at court.

                    3. re: chauncy19

                      I just heard that it was Bob, who owns the Barnstable Tavern, who bought the Village Landing. Therefore, I'm not surprised it's as lousy as you reported.

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        well it seems weird to me that someone who owns a "gourmet" restaurant would have or produce such a lousy breakfast spot. oh well the village is damned :-) .
                        Can't wait for village store to re-open! something please....

                        1. re: chauncy19

                          I agree with your sentiment, but I would hardly classify Barnstable Tavern as gourmet. And then again, maybe that is why you put it in quotes.

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            I am guessing they (Barnstable Tavern) consider themselves gourmet. I agree with you not a very interesting dining spot. I know people who like it but that's not me. I mostly agree with you with some exceptions but I am NO gourmet. I do like good food however :-)

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                              In Harwichport news: Bonatt's is being taken over (again) by real Bonatt's! Maybe the meltaways will be better now. They got small and dry. Not a huge fan of their breakfasts, but they were okay. I miss the old Bonatt's at the corner of Rt 28 and Bank St.