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Nov 7, 2011 06:33 AM

VIetnamese Stores/ Where do you shop

I moved from california for university and I was wondering where I can go to buy vietnamese groceries that they don't sell at T&T in the gta missisauga and markham area.

Maybe we can create a list of where all the Vietnamese needs can be purchased that aren't filled with much other countires things so to be easy to find.

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  1. Do you have specific examples of products that you're not able to find? While there are several T&T's around, there are also a bunch of other asian grocery stores. There's a viet / philipino grocery store at Bathurst and Finch, and I'm pretty sure I've seen viet grocery stores on finch between islington and weston and on keele south of finch. I have never been in any of them.

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      Alot of the stores I have been to have mostly chinese items and some of the stuff I am searching for doesn't have an english translation so that is why I wanted to see if we could create something that can help everyone else who searches for vietnamese ingredients easily

    2. I have been to the Vietnamese grocery store on Finch near Weston that was mentioned by the earlier poster. It has an interesting variety of proteins, produce and other ingredients. Not knowing specifically what you are looking for it is hard to know whether they have it, but I would encourage you to check it out. It is in the same plaza as Pho Dau Bo which is my main reason for visiting this plaza. Try out a great bowl of Pho when looking for your vietnamese ingredients.

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        Thank you I will try, I'm looking for cha lua, nem noung, and cha chien also those are hard to come by I noticed

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          I usually pick up those items at Nguyen Huong (they have a locations in chinatown (on Spadina), in Scarborough (at Middlefield and Steeles) and I think there's one at Vaughan Mills.

          I've seen cha lua and cha chien at T&T at Middlefield and Steeles too.

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            You can usually find those items at Oriental Supermarket too, locations in Markham, Scarborough and Chinatown.

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            the prepared meats are easiest to get at the bahn mi shops, otherwise most of the grocers on spadina are run by vietnamese people so you should be able to find other ingredients there.

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              you can find those types of items at some of the banh mi shops in downtown chinatown (maybe around the city elsewhere too, but i am unfamiliar with them). also, check viet newspapers for at home type catering businesses. my mom often orders stuff like banh chung/banh tet to you southerners (around tet, of course) and banh cuon from these places.

              for groceries, chinese grocers in chinatown have plenty of vietnamese ingredients, including noodles, herbs, fish sauce, tuong ot, etc.

              there are also banh mi shops (rose cafe) and groceries in the east end chinatown at gerrard and broadview which are good bets too. also, a really good and cheap banh cuon place near the church (or was it the school?) off of gerrard!

          3. You should be able to find what you want at the grocery stores at Black Creek and Lawrence (SE corner) or the one on Finch West of Weston (Longfa Supermarket)

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              The one on Lawrence at Black Creek is called Lawrence Supermarket in English. It is not as upmarket as T&T or 99 Ranch, but it should have what you want.