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Nov 7, 2011 06:28 AM

Rec's for Irish Pub that can accommodate party for Moms 80th Birthday

I no longer live in NY , but need to plan a spot close to where my mom, her friends and many of my family still live in Nassau county.

Ideally looking for an Irish pub that has space for a large group of about 40-50 in a private area.

alternatively, I could make the party smaller - like 20-30 if I can only find a space like that.

I have some time to plan for this - but want to get a look at the places when I visit during the holidays.


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  1. Look into the St. James in Mineola. However I wouldn't describe this as a true Irish Pub but it does kind of have that feel. They could probably accommodate your larger party.

    Irish Pub
    58 South St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

    1. Cleary's Bar and Cafe on Sunrise Highway in Wantagh has amazing food. It's kind of sports-bar-ish. I'm not sure if they have a private area - you can always call ahead and see if they do. They are incredibly authentically Irish!

      There's also Hemingway's on Wantagh Avenue is more of an American Bar and Grill but has a nice upstairs area that can be private. Their food is good as well.

      1. I highly recommend Shandon Court in East Islip. It would be a little out of your way for Nassau but they have private rooms, really nice food, Irish music, real Irish accents and plenty of craic.