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Nov 7, 2011 06:27 AM

Best markets in November & dining advice [Paris]


I'm visiting Paris for five nights this month and wondered about two things - any favorite seasonal markets worth hitting?

Also, we have reservations to eat at chez l' Ami Jean and Pantruche, with a lunch reservation at Spring. We want to keep the rest of the trip casual, with a mix of wine bars and bistros.

We are staying at Hôtel de Vendôme in the first arrondissement.

Any favorite wine bars or bistros in our general part of Paris?

Thank you

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  1. Search "November" and "december" on this thread:

    You too can use the search function on the top right of this page. :-)

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      Thanks Parigi. Your posts have been beyond helpful in figuring out where to go and eat in Paris.

    2. Verjus, the new wine bar and soon-to-be restaurant just opened at 52, rue de Richelieu. Also, I like French Bar a Vin in the second arron. -- their selection of wine by the glass and small plates is especially nice.