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Nov 7, 2011 05:47 AM

Rome Nov 15th Onward - Seasonal Specials?

Last year, early Oct., the selection of fall mushrooms was unique & superb. What should I seek out of particular interest at restaurants not normally available other times of the year?

Yes, I do realize grapes and peppers are now flowing into town. But those Oct. mushrooms were molto fantastico! Served raw, sauteed, atop pasta, mixed in salads, wow! Different restaurants had different presentations. CHer suggestions appreciated for next week in Rome!

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  1. A Rome restaurant owner has just been quoted in an Italian food blog that he's now using artichokes from Puglia (not strictly local but better than northern France). Radicchio should be in season. Zucca should still be available. There might even still be some porcini around.

    1. Mushrooms were scarce and rarely good this year, due to weather conditions. Artichokes from sardegna and puglia have started coming in, still no romans. Puntarelle have started (love them), broccoletti, kale, cicoria, swiss chard in all colors, radicchio, romanesco, caci/loti (persimmons) are in major force. Around rome, olive oil pressing season is now, lots of fresh olive oil at the farmers' markets. Some truffles.

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        Thank you, you two. Oh, I am going to dig in w/ relish plates of puntarelle (love 'em also), the various field greens cited and zucca. Sniff out the newly pressed olio at markets.

        Others who might offer additional suggestions, please chime in.