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Nov 7, 2011 04:25 AM

Latest Las Vegas Updates?

Looking for the most recent reports on the Las Vegas Kosher scene. Openings? Closings? Updated (detailed) Reviews?
Thanks very much!

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  1. OP here. In researching "Yaffa's Steakhouse" aka "Wok On In" aka "Kosher on the Go", I see that the supervising Rabbi, Rabbi Yakov Wasser of one of the local orthodox shuls, has withdrawn his hashgacha. There is a notice to that effect on the synagogue (iirc - Shaarei Tefilah) website; although Rabbi Wasser is still listed on the restaurant website.
    Pretty much all the other Kosher restaurants in Las Vegas are under the supervision of the local Chabad.
    Does anyone know whether this restaurant is now under another reliable supervision, or if there is a kashrut problem here?

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      Just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, and checked out the kashrut situation at Yaffa's "Wok On In"/"Kosher on the Go". Yaffa says that the restaurant is kosher, but is not under any supervision - implying that she cannot afford the supervision. Sad, if that is truly the reason that she lost the hashgacha. We chose not to eat there, and ate at Panini Grill, Jerusalem, and Adar Pizza during our stay. For Shabbat we had take-out from Smith's and Albertson's supermarkets. More details to follow.