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Nov 6, 2011 06:41 PM

where can i find the best crumb cake

hello all i am a hardcore crumb cake fan and ever since cost co discontinued there crumb type cake i been looking for a place that sells good crumb cake..Last week i drove all the way to new jersey because a friend told me about b and w bakery.They are the crumb cake legends from what i read in yelp and i wasn't impressed.That crumb cake wasn't bad but wasn't worth the drive from Manhattan can anybody suggest a bakery that has good crumb cake and i forgot to mention i tried Carlos bakery in hoboken also and wasn't impressed.Thanks in advance

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  1. Hi Jada, Did you find a good crumb cake in Manhattan?

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      Best old-school crumb cake around is from Baker's Bounty. They're at the greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn (Saturdays); I don't know if they do Union Square.

          1. re: Amy Mintzer

            Meet me Tuesday morning :). There is a farmers market in Manhattan on Tues AM and I plan to be there before work.