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Nov 6, 2011 06:17 PM

Jiki in Briarcliff--has anyone been?

I just read a piece in Small Bites from September about this place--has anyone been there for lunch?

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  1. I looked in there a few weeks ago, but they did not have a sushi lunch special...opted for Fuji Yama sushi in Chilmark, where, for half the price of Jiki, I had a complete lunch with reliably good sushi. I would be interested in any chowhound feedback--small bites "reviews" are consistently positive fluff in my opinion...

    1. I have heard wonderful things about the food here but I have not had a chance to try it yet. However I keep receiving the most amazing pastries and treats adorned with the Jiki logo and they are so delicious. They have these squares that look similar to granola but I believe are made up of broken crepes, white chocolate, and raspberries. I plan on going just to pick up my own bag of these. Can't wait to try what else they have to offer.

      1. Had some desserts from here for a dinner party--wow!! The pastries (chestnut tart, opera cake, pumpkin roll, etc) were delicious, but oh those maccarons--best I've ever had! And the owner/baker is very lovely...Looking forward to trying their sushi (although I will do take-out, not much of a dine in atmosphere). Any experiences with their food?

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          Thumbs up for their sushi! I got a take out party platter and it was excellent. And again, the husband/wife owners are so lovely. My new favorite local Japanese restaurant.