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Nov 6, 2011 05:40 PM

Alaskan King Crab Wholesale 10-20 pounds

Any suggestions where to buy wholesale Alaskan King Crab here in LA?
I saw a 20 pound box at LAX-C this week at 10.95$ a pound.
Would like to buy direct from a fish wholesaler as they would most likely be the freshest frozen possible.
Ralphs and Pavillions hasnt had them on sale for the longest time and would like to get some soon.
Costco on their web site said they are not carrying crab right now.
any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Fish King in Glendale or LA Fish in Downtown LA.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Fish King is cheaper, 20 pound box is about 18$ a pound, by the pound is $19
      LA Fish King was like $21 a pound
      I'm gonna go check out the LAX-C box again.

      1. re: oxygenozone

        Hi There! Was wondering how you made out on the King Crab buy. I'm going up to my mom's for Thanksgiving and we usually do a "Seafood Night" the day before. Like you, I was able to get a good deal a Pavillions or Ralphs @ about $8.99 a pound, but it's like nowhere to be seen. Any luck on your end?

        1. re: AmyLagud

          LAX-C is the best price at $10.99 a pound but you have to buy a 20 pound box, otherwise Fish King is the best at per pound price $19
          Ralph's is usually $12-13 a pound when its on sale

          1. re: oxygenozone

            Thank you so much! I'll let you know if I run into some good deals!

    2. Everytime I go to Costco on Fridays they always seem to have lobster, crab and shrimp. I'd call on Friday.

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      1. re: foodiemahoodie

        Thanks, I am going to call them tomorrow and check, I just looked on the web site.
        What Costco do you shop at?

        1. re: oxygenozone

          Culver City/Marina/Venice (On Washington near Lincoln)

        2. re: foodiemahoodie

          This. My local Costco (Northridge) has the fresh seafood counter every weekend. I just got king crab legs there last week too. $19.99/lb.

        3. Spotted today in Ralph's weekly flyer starting this Wednesday Dec 14 for a week,
          King Sized Royal Red Crab Legs $9.99 a pound

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          1. re: oxygenozone

            What exactly are "Royal Red" crab legs??? The ad does not say "king crab." It only says "king size." I Googled it and came back with nothing except "red" king crab. I tried calling Ralphs but they didn't know anything about the ad. $9.99 is a good price although I prefer the colassal king crab that usually goes on sale at this time of year for $12.99/lb

            1. re: bohemiana

              Bought the most delicious crab at Granada Market on Sawtelle for $10.99 lb. last week, It was so fresh and they did a wonderful job of cleaning and cracking. Not always available. Call first. The owner is very very particular about the crabs he buys. If you do call, please be patient, as the owner's English is not great. Speaking Japanese is a real plus.

          2. Have you tried the downtown (LA) fish wholesalersnear Little Tokyo? some are both wholesale and retail. It doesn't get any fresher or better cared for than that. We bought our Easter Salmon there.

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            1. re: SamVee

              What wholesaler do you go too? I was downtown last week and spotted many wholesalers near Little Tokyo. Thanks

              1. re: oxygenozone

                Pacific Fresh Fish or Los Angeles fish Co. Check the hours...No Sandals allowed. Cash only. Or try your own luck. Each of these two has a guard in the parking lot.