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Nov 6, 2011 05:12 PM

New Restaurant in Southern Chester County

My wife and I went to Muse Restaurant, a new BYOB in Oxford, PA. We were not sure what to expect since Oxford doesn't have a strong history of upscale dining. Prices are on the higher end but comparable with other BYOB's that we have been too.

The dinner started with a complementary amuse bouche of shrimp ceviche, which was tasty,

For the appetizer, we split the pulled pork mac and cheese which was one of the best things I have ever eaten. The wife wasn't too keen on ordering it but once she had a bite, she wished we ordered two.

After the app, we were given a red plum sorbet before the entrees arrived.

For entrees, I had the pasta du jour which was a mushroom and goat cheese ravioli. It was good but I felt like there could have been some more filling. My wife, on the other hand, had the filet mignon and after one bite said it was the best she ever had, I thought she was exaggerating, but after sampling it, it really was one of the best I had.

We were both too full to sample the dessert menu but the ones we saw looked delectable.

We definitely plan on going back for future special occasions.

Muse Restaurant

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  1. I haven't been and, considering the distance, will probably not. However, the menu presents some curious price point calculations. Why on earth would a beet salad ($15) be priced 50% more than the pan seared scallop appetizer ($10)?
    I wish them well but, seeing the $28 crab cake with remoulade, it sounds like a reincarnation of our recently departed Hatboro venture.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. We're just far enough that it'll take awhile to check it out, but it's at least now on our list.

      I always root for an ambitious restaurant in an unlikely location (since that describes where we live), but there are certainly mixed results.

      This one reminds me a little of the restaurant that opened on the edge of Landenberg several years back, on 896 just north of the Delaware line. They sought to fill a particular niche -- diners who appreciated Philadelphia fine dining restaurants but didn't want to drive that far. Can't remember the name. We ate there a couple times, and it was OK, but pricing was "aggressive," to say the least, given the quality.

      It didn't last long in that iteration. Now it's "The Wedge," and the last time we tried it, it wasn't worth the significantly lowered prices for significantly less interesting food. Turns out a sports bar was apparently what the market really wanted.

      I can't imagine wanting to open a restaurant in these days and times, so I have to applaud the brio that prompts a chef to take the risk in a tiny market like Oxford. I surely do wish them well!

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      1. sal_acid said it best with the blank post...............Closed.

        Their last hurrah seemed to be in August. The blog is still open with their recipes, some of which i will try.

        P.S. I can't help but think the $15 beet salad was part of the problem. YO !!!